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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, May 30, 2014

June 30-day Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Salads

So...once upon a time I had awesome flat abs and the beginnings of a beautiful 6-pack. Once upon a time I also had skinny, strong dancer legs and fit in size 0 jeans (size 1 or 2 sometimes, depending on the brand). Once upon a time I had sleek, toned arms. Seriously, people would compliment me on them. Once upon a time I was also a personal trainer and water aerobics instructor (baha, ok that was only for a little bit, and the irony of both still makes me smile!)

Then I got a desk job and lost a lot of pretty muscle tone, and then I got pregnant and lost all the skinny. And then I was a blob. The end. 

Now it's time to start the sequel! And what better way than with starting up my 30-day challenges again!

The first 25 lbs of baby weight came off surprisingly easy in less than 2 weeks! Unfortunately the remaining extra 15ish lbs I gained has stuck around for another 5 months now, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Well, at least not with my current health habits. For example: I ate 2 cakes last week. Yes, you read that right. I ate 2 cakes within a 7-day time period. Trevor had like maybe 2 pieces of each, and I ate the rest. Not cool, Karin. Not cool. On top of that, I don't exercise anymore. At all.

Considering my health habits right now, it really is a wonder that I don't have diabetes and that I'm not about the size of a mammoth! I give my metabolism 5 stars for putting up with me like a champ :)

I really should be exercising too, but the much bigger problem right now (for nutrition's sake even more than for weight management's sake!!) is my diet! So my 30-day challenge for June is to eat a salad a day! More nutritious salad in my tummy means less space to fill with dessert and junk!

For accountability's sake, I plan to take a photo of each salad and post them at the end of each week. Let me clarify, these will NOT be beautiful Pinterest-worthy pictures or salads!! They will most likely be blurry snapshots on my phone of a pile of lettuce with some tomatoes strewn on top that I tossed together with one hand while trying to keep my baby happy. The goal here is to keep me honest :)

So here's my first not-so-pretty installment to kick things off!

Yes, there is a salad hiding under that shredded chicken and cheese, I promise :)

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