"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Space for Dreams

I tend to fret and stress and worry an unhealthy amount. In fact, I do it so obsessively sometimes that it literally makes me physically ill. Often. I've been doing much better in general lately...but then this week, while home alone with my baby, I had to go and accidentally get locked inside a second story bedroom in my completely locked house for several hours with no phone and no way to let anyone know where I was or that I needed help, and no way for them to get in to my house even if they did manage to find out I was locked in one of the rooms inside. Thank heaven it didn't happen just a few days earlier when my husband was out of town for 8 days with spotty communication, or me and my baby could possibly have died or suffered serious health complications before anyone missed us.

Everything worked out fine in the end (there might be a post coming about that experience...or maybe not), but my mind has been especially traumatized since then with millions of ways for terrible things to happen to me and/or my baby girl while just doing normal, non-dangerous, everyday things. I just want to sit on the couch and hold her all day so nothing bad happens to us, and stay up all night to make sure she doesn't stop breathing. I also haven't set foot in that bedroom for more than a few seconds since then. Still too scary.

It's getting out of control.

Earlier tonight I was looking at some potential housing online for the upcoming school year and the thought of having stairs and railings for my darling princess to fall down and get seriously injured terrified me to the point that I was ruling out all housing that wasn't 1-story.

But that's ridiculous! I want my little girl to learn to climb stairs! And I want her to learn to walk and dance, even if it means she needs to take some risks and fall several times. I want her to learn to love and enjoy life instead of being trapped by the haunting thoughts of things that probably won't ever happen. And I need to learn that I can't just stop doing everything because there is a chance of some freak accident or unforeseen horror happening. Like I just said; that's ridiculous!

I found a great quote on Pinterest (gotta love it!):
"A head full of fears has no space for dreams"
It's true. And now that I've successfully worried myself to pieces last week, it's time to move past that, let go of the worry, and make space for dreams instead! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kitchen Adventures of the Future

Today was a wonderful day!

It was Friday, Trevor had off work, the weather was gorgeous, we got lots of stuff done, we went on a picnic date, and it was just a happy, good, day!

And I had another one of those cutesy little moments while thinking of my little baby princess :)

One of the many things I accomplished today was baking! I managed to bake (all from scratch) 2 loaves of French bread and some fresh strawberry coffee cake (a new recipe that turned out fantastic!!! I'll have to post it later. I'm already planning to bake it again this week, it is that good!) while running back and forth from the kitchen to the swing in the living room to entertain my fussy baby girl between every few ingredients. It was definitely not the most efficient baking session of my life, but it got done.

As I was measuring out some flour it occurred to me that I'm really glad I learned to bake and cook when I was little, and that soon I'll get to teach my daughter to cook too! And then we can bake together, and have all sorts of adventures in the kitchen! I'm not exactly sure why, but it made me so ridiculously excited!

...And then she started crying so I picked her up and she spit up all over herself, and all down my shirt and arm and pants, and it even dripped onto the chair I was standing next to. Yep, she's still got a little more growing up to do before she's ready to start cooking lessons with Mom. I'm ok with that :) I sure am excited to teacher all kinds of things though!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Best Bedtime Song

I am SO exhausted right now (daylight savings doesn't help), but I just can't go to bed without writing about what my little princess did tonight!

Lately she's started cooing and it is oh-so-darling! She only does it when she's in the mood though. I tried to get her to coo back to me all day without success. Bummer.

Our bedtime routine includes praying and singing her a song while she eats her late-night snack. Tonight I choose A Child's Prayer as the song, and when I started singing she got a huge smile, stopped eating, and smiled up at me and cooed along with me for almost the entire song!

Oh my goodness, melt my heart why don't you :) What a cutie! That has definitely got to be one of the sweetest, cutest, most tender moments of my life so far :)

I love my little girl!

For anyone who is not familiar with the song, A Child's Prayer is a parent-child duet, and it's one of my favorites, especially the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's version linked here.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Once upon a time, Karin and Trevor were just 2 kids out on a date with a big group of friends...

It was our second date. I asked him :) Instead of going to BYU's homecoming dance like normal people, we got a group of friends together to dance away the night at the Murray Arts Center! It's this super old dance studio with a live jazz band, and they play lots of ballroomy danceable music. Most of the people who usually go are awesome cute old couples who actually know how to dance...and then there's our random group of ballroom dancer friends from BYU! It's lots of fun!

But I'm getting distracted from the part of the story I intended to write about (haha can you blame me? I'm a bit homesick for dance). Before the dancing, we all went to Brick Oven for pizza! I guess BYU won the homecoming game (football isn't my thing...), because during dinner Cosmo the Cougar burst into the restaurant and ran around taking pictures with everyone! Including us :)

He was a bit over-enthusiastic, and he ended up totally knocking a poor little toddler flat on his face, which prompted immediate hysterical crying. While we were watching all the hullabaloo, Trevor noticed the little boy's dad was wearing a Penn State University jacket. That sparked a conversation between the two of us about how Penn State is the only university in the country with an entire Masters program specifically devoted to acoustics (his passion in life), and it's just basically amazing.

I asked the obvious, "So why don't you go there?" but he said he didn't think he'd be able to get the kind of grades you need to get into their master's program. It was just a dream.

And then we finished eating, went dancing, and fell in love.

picture evidence (yes, we switched who was dancing the boy's part and girl's part in the photo):

Then since we were so in love, we got married, and then we had a baby, and all our dreams came true!...except for the dream to get a masters degree in acoustics from Penn State. He didn't get accepted last year, but we were very blessed and ended up with this amazing job in Alabama!

Then on Tuesday morning we both had colds, so Trevor stayed home from work. As we were lying around feeling sick and rotten, Trevor got a notification on his phone about an email. And not just any email...it was an acceptance letter from PSU!! That's right, Trevor got accepted to Penn State!!!!!! And now, yet again, we're going to be living our dreams!

Yep, dream big, work hard, pray hard, and watch your dreams come true :)