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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6th: Yoga Pants

Today I am thankful for yoga pants. And pj pants, and sweatpants, and skirts, and basically anything that isn't real pants!! I've never liked wearing uncomfortable clothes - especially clothes that were tight around my stomach - and now that I'm pregnant, that dislike has been amplified by like 7846197243 times!

As my baby belly gets bigger and the weather gets cooler (meaning I can't get away with cut off sweats or skirts as much), yoga pants just sound better and better for the occasions I have to grace the world with my presence. Like yesterday when I went to the Peanut Festival!

That's right. Totally rocking the yoga pants everywhere I go! If you were hoping to see some cute fashionable maternity outfits on this blog, well, you should know that you will be severely disappointed! (I do get brave every now and then and wear maternity jeans - which are a MAJOR improvement from regular jeans - but I still end up wishing I was at home wearing something else.)

This particular pair of yoga pants was a Christmas present from my Mother-in-law from 2 years ago, and they are seriously like the most perfect comfy cotton yoga pants! And they have nearly been loved to pieces! Thanks to the 25-30 lbs I've put on in the past few months (unfortunately it is definitely not all just in my belly), I'm juuuuuuust about too fat to fit my thighs into them :(

All the more reason to be thankful for them while I can still wear them!

Question time: Functionally speaking, how on earth do you ladies put your feet into your pants/shorts/whatever you wear on your legs without your belly being in the way during the last month of pregnancy?! I can get the first leg in alright because I can swing it out to the side, but the second leg is tough! Everyone keeps telling me I'm tiny, but I can just barely lift my second leg up enough to get it in my pant leg and it totally squashes the baby in the process (cue nausea, reflux, and general discomfort), and every time I end up thinking "this time may be the time I perish". Is there some trick I'm missing? I seriously want to know, because if my baby girl gets much bigger, I will literally have to have Trevor put pants on me...which would require me to wake up before he leaves for work...which isn't very likely.

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