"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You Might Be Pregnant If...

In honor of how much fun I'm having being pregnant lately, I compiled this list.

1) there are exactly 2 positions you can sleep in, and neither of them are comfortable. And switching from one to the other is a 2-minute procedure involving a lot of groaning, discomfort, and useless flailing...and it's probably not worth it anyway since it will soon be followed by a sudden urgent need to eat food and/or pee
2) your feet look more like monster-sized marshmallows with little sausages sticking out of them than recognizable human feet
3) several times a week you randomly burst into tears, then stop even more suddenly and randomly...and have no clue what you were even crying about
4) you want to eat the same exact thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weeks on end, even if whatever food it is isn't that great. For example: olives.
5) it feels like there is some sort of creature inside you practicing kick-boxing with your organs
6) successfully pooping is an event that merits immediately informing your husband (even if that means texting him because he's at work) and receiving sincere praise and congratulations every time
7) shaving your legs, putting your legs into and out of pants, putting on shoes, and picking things up off the ground are just not worth it any more because your belly is too big
8) you wake up every morning questioning your sanity because of the bizarre things you just dreamed
9) staircases are suddenly indistinguishable from Mr. Everest, and you feel like passing out any time you accidentally walk at a normal speed instead of a turtle speed
10) you frequently feel like you're about to pee your pants, but then you try to pee and it's like nothing. 2 seconds later you feel like you're about to pee your pants again. (This is especially not cool when you're test driving new cars, or on an airplane, or on a 3-hour road trip in the boonies, or ever really) 

I could go on...but I think this girl does a great job summing it all up at her page http://pregnantgirlproblems.tumblr.com

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