"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Little Inspiration from My Dear Friend, Dr. Suess

As I mentioned in my last post, morning sickness seems to be threatening to make an appearance again in this third trimester.  It actually hasn't been unbearably bad the past couple of days, but I've been taking anti-nausea medication much more regularly lately as a precautionary measure after things got pretty bad on Sunday...so of course that's probably been helping a lot.

With the impending threat of possibly having to deal with the same nausea misery that haunted my first trimester and part of my second - on top of all the other "joys" that come with the third trimester as my wonderful growing baby continues to wreck havoc on my body - for another 3 months (possibly an additional 2 weeks if I deliver late like my mom did), I was NOT a happy camper! Especially knowing that the only way it will end is with labor and delivery, which I've been reading about a lot lately, and right now, to me it sounds like the #1 worst, scariest, most awful, horrible thing in life ever!!!!

So of course I've been an uncomfortable, unhappy, sick, moody, complaining mess. Trevor even voluntarily told me the other day that if being pregnant made me this miserable, he was ok with this being our only kid. What a sweetheart :)

I need to get a thicker skin though. Sure, I'm not living the dream, and sometimes I'm downright miserable, but many women have a much harder time with pregnancy than me, and/or have to work through the symptoms while trying to keep their job or take care of other kids or as a single parent. At least I have the option to skip a shower and getting dressed, and just lay around and watch TV all day if I'm feeling rotten!

Plus I have an incredible husband, awesome friends, a great group of ladies and other wonderful people as a support group at church, a good family, super duper health insurance thanks to being allowed to be on my dad's still, my husband has a decent job and income, a darling baby girl - the beginning of our little family! - on the way, and, really, life is good!

I LOVE this quote by Dr. Suess, because, quite frankly, when you stop and look around, this life really is pretty wonderful! Exactly like he said! What a brilliant man!

I've heard it several times, but I especially loved it this time around, and it made me think of this picture - partially because of the photo itself, and partially because of the story behind it.

Several months ago, I was introduced to a friend of a friend, who is a photographer. She wanted to do a photo shoot of a ballerina, and needed someone to take pictures of. I was the lucky winner :) She chose the hair, makeup, location, poses, and even provided the dress she wanted me to wear (conveniently we are exactly the same size!). All I had to do was show up!

What makes these pictures so special to me is what I didn't know at the time we were shooting them.

I didn't know I was a mom.

I thought I was a dancer and a working wife with a student husband, and it was hard, but it was wonderful. We weren't trying to have kids, or completely change our lives. I had no clue that the ballet class and rehearsal I had just come from was one of my very last for probably close to a year, or how hard that would be to have to give up. I didn't know how sick and uncomfortable I would be for the next several several months on end. I never dreamed that less than two months later I would be living on the other half of the country! And I most certainly had no clue that I had a baby girl growing inside of me!

Everything has changed so so much since I was the girl in that picture!

And life is hard, but it's still wonderful :)

(This photograph is used with permission, and her business is Enchanted Window Photography. Check it out!)

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