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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, October 7, 2013

A List of Buckets

I finally did it! I wrote my very first bucket list!

Now that I'm 25 I guess it's long over-due, but it's never too late to start doing awesome things! Just look at this article (linked here) about Celtics player Brandon Bass (who I had never heard of before seeing this...I'm not very sport-savvy). I saw this article last week and now I'm even more pumped to start making progress on my list!

I'm not going to post my whole list here, but some noteworthy items on it include:

- go to Europe with Trevor
- compete in ballroom again
- go back to school at some point and earn another degree or certification (Bachelor, Associate, PT school, PT assistant school, etc.)
- overcome stage-fright
- take piano lessons again
- teach piano lessons again
- re-memorize all the seminary Scripture Mastery scriptures
- be conversant in Spanish
- become a better public speaker and teacher
- be in another ballet performance
- be an extra in a movie or commercial
- run a 10k
- ride a rollarcoaster and not be sick (yes, I have never been on one and it has been completely by choice)
- be in one of the church pageants (Manti, Hill Cumorah, City of Joseph, etc)
- overcome my fear of water and learn to swim

I guess it's not your typical bucket list. Several of the things on it (especially some of the ones not included in this post) are skills I want to develop, or opportunities I want to qualify myself for rather than things I can just do and check off. So it's kind of more like a "become list" rather than a "bucket list". Whatever. It's mine and I like it!

And just a few days after making my list, someone asked me to teach her girls piano lessons! So, lo and behold, I am on my way :)

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  1. You should take a mommy and toddler swimming class! Parker and I are doing it! He loves it and it's reminding me of my swimming lessons. take one so you can learn and so can your little one. But wait till they are at least one. That is my suggestion!