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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing Tag with Daddy's Little Girl

Over the course of the past 2 1/2 weeks our baby girl has starting moving around noticeably! Sometimes it's a lot more fun than others. For example, using my full bladder as a trampoline (she's currently breach) especially while I'm on a flight trying to avoid using the airplane bathroom, and squirming around and putting pressure uncomfortable on various organs when I'm really full and/or feeling sick are not so fun. Dancing around and keeping me company when I'm lonely at home while Trevor is gone at work is much more fun!

Definitely my favorite is when she plays tag with Trevor. She usually moves around a good bit while me and Trevor are talking after dinner (maybe because she can hear his voice? She loves that guy :), so he'll sit next to me on the couch and squeeze or jab my belly where she's moving. Then she kicks, head-butts, or fist bumps him back. Or possibly elbow jabs or knees him...who knows. He pokes her again, she pokes him right back. It's so cute! :)

She's not even born yet and she's already daddy's little girl. I can't say I blame her though; he is pretty amazing :)

He's been trying to feel her move through my blobulous (best "word" I can come up with to describe it) stomach ever since we got the ultrasound, but I had a hard time telling what was her moving, and what was my food moving for awhile, so there was no way he would be able to tell through all my fat/muscle/tissue/everything. Plus he went out of town for almost a week, and then once he came back I had a nasty cold for over a week and wasn't very much in the mood to be poked and prodded in the belly. Then right as I was recovering from my cold, I went out of town, and my first night away from home I woke up in the middle of the night for a snack and she started kicking me so hard I could totally see it! And of course he wasn't there for me to wake him up and show him! I did tell my little brother about it the next morning though. He wasn't that intrigued. Instead he just told me that was creepy and gross. He's 10, what can I say?

Trevor was pretty excited about it, and after the 10 long days that we were apart, he finally got to feel her moving around for the first time! It's just been a few days, and now look at them! They already made up their own little game with each other :)

We bought some fun stuff for our baby girl too! Our first baby purchases! It's slowly starting to get more and more real that we're actually going to have a baby. We went to Babies-R-Us to look at big stuff like cribs and strollers, but they were having a crazy clearance sale on clothes and some random items, so we had to check it out too! And I'm so glad we did!

(PS Sorry the lighting is bad in all of these, I wasn't feeling well again today and just snapped some pictures and called it good enough!)

How cute is this?! A little ballerina outfit for my little ballerina :) You can't really tell in this shot because it's so washed out, but it's white with a nice froofy 3-layered pink tutu skirt and a cute pink bow up near the shoulder. And it totally matches this wall-hanging I found for her room like 2 months ago (before we knew she was a girl...hehe...wishful thinking :). Original price for the outfit: $32.99. We paid: $12.50.

And check out these three darling Summer outfits! The smallest size they had was 6 months, so they'll be perfect for next Summer! Pink monster shirt: $1.50. Pink fishy and ruffle butt outfit: $2.50. Yellow outfit: $3.50.

And we can't forget about this gorgeous bedding set we found! The quilt doesn't look very pink in the picture, but it's the same lovely shade of dusty rose as the bumper, and the top layer is organza with the flowers are embroidered in cream. SO pretty! I completely fell in love with the collection (the Daniella bedding collection) when I saw it displayed in the store, but of course it costs more than we have in the budget for frills, so when I saw this set on clearance I just couldn't believe my luck!! Everything is a little on the wrinkly side from being in the packaging, and there are about 3 flowers where the stitching is a little flawed, but hey! The original price was $79.99, and we got it for $12.50!! Sold! :)

Altogether we bought $145 worth of stuff, and we only had to pay $35 total. That's like 75% off everything! Now we just need to find great mark-downs like that for the expensive stuff!

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