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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ultrasound!

Last Monday me and Trevor got our first real look at our baby!!! SO COOL!! I wish I could go in and get one every week :)

I don't really know what we were expecting, but both me and Trevor were totally amazed at how complete and developed our baby is! Especially compared to my first ultrasound when it just looked like a blob with a blinky thing in the middle (the heart beating).

The ultrasound lady (we'll call her Judy for the sake of this post) said our baby has a "textbook perfect spine", and all the organs and everything look great and healthy! The baby was pretty still during the first part of the ultrasound while Judy was getting measurements and taking pictures of the organs and everything, and then it moved its arm, like a lot! Ok, it sounds kind of dumb and anti-climactic, but it was totally surprising! I know babies move around and kick and such their thumbs and stuff, but I thought it was just small and/or slow movements while staying 99% curled up in the fetal position. This was like a huge fast arm movement like I'd expect to see from Trevor as he was adjusting positions while watching a movie or something. So cool! Well, to us anyway :) 

Then Judy was finally done with the other stuff and was ready to check the gender! But our baby decided to get a bit self-conscious and camera-shy right then. I would be too :) He/she/it clamped up and curled it's feet up around its butt and wouldn't budge! And because of the angle it was rotated, there was just no way to tell. Judy was really patient and kept poking and prodding our baby in the butt with the ultrasound stick thing (oh my gosh, what is it called? I know this. Pregnancy brain :), but the baby would just wriggle/scootch forward a bit and curl its legs up tighter! It looked like the baby was crawling through a dark cave or something. So cool! The Judy had me roll over from side to side and back again a couple times to try to get a better angle and to hopefully convince the baby to change position a bit. No luck.

I was afraid we weren't going to be able to tell what our baby's gender is and that we'd just get sent home without knowing, but thank goodness Judy was so determined! (And thank goodness they let me pee before the ultrasound instead of having to go in with a full-to-bursting bladder like it said in the information handout they gave me when I set up the appointment, because she was really digging that thing into me to try to figure out and I definitely would have peed my pants!)

Finally, after what felt like forever, the baby moved enough for Judy to get a fairly decent view. She asked another ultrasound lady to get a second opinion, and they both agreed...it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!


I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I really wanted a girl sooo sooooo bad! I even started buying and collecting girl decor for the baby's room over the past few months just because I wanted it so bad :) Me and Trevor rejoiced over our awesome news (Trevor wanted a boy, but how can you not be excited to find out you're having a daughter?!) and our little princess that had been so stubborn and motionless for the past several minutes started doing somersaults! Judy was trying to get a nice face shot or two for us to take home, but our little girl was just going so crazy that Judy told us she couldn't even tell what she was looking at anymore because she just wouldn't hold still long enough! Yep, I'm thinking future dancer :)

Judy was totally shocked that I couldn't feel any of the commotion that was going on inside, but I guess that will come soon enough. I keep thinking maybe I can feel her moving, but it's really hard for me to tell because with my GI problems I'm constantly feeling stomach and intestine contractions and stuff, so there's always a lot of "background" noise I guess you could say. Oh well. Keep dancing in there, little girl :)

As for a name, no, we have not chosen anything yet. We have a few tentative ideas, but we're still in the searching process. Trevor made a googledoc for friends to submit name suggestions and guess the gender, and an overwhelming majority guessed that it would be a girl, and the most popular girl name was Shaniqua. Haha, I'm pretty sure we're not going to name her that, but whatever we do end up naming her will be equally as awesome :)

We're so happy about our little baby girl! And knowing that she's a girl and getting to see her so clearly just makes it all the more real that I'm actually having a baby, and she's living inside of me right now! So fun! We can't wait to meet her!

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  1. The gender ultrasound of Roger was RIDICULOUSLY exciting for us too. I should have blogged about it. Maybe I will! But it was rather awful for me, and I felt like passing out. They had to bring me a snack and put the bars up on the bed (so I wouldn't fall out...hehe) and tilt me on my side-ish. Congrats! I knew you were having a girl!