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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship with Colds

What I hate about colds:

- The sore throat. Ugh. Awful! I hate not being able to swallow!
- Constantly choking and gagging on my own spit and swollen throat
- Having to be a mouth breather
- Having to figure out how to try to eat while being a mouth breather...
- Feeling like I've lost my mind because of the fever/congestion/headache combo (plus being a mouth breather)
- Not being able to talk because of flem and/or pain
- Not being able to sleep because I can't breathe or because I keep waking up gagging on my spit that can't pass through my swollen throat
- That dry knives-in-the-throat feeling right when you wake up (assuming I ever fell asleep in the first place) from mouth breathing and drying up my throat and the flem in my throat.
- Sneezing violently with a sore throat. Ouch ouch ouch
- My voice getting all messed up and weird and having to answer phones at work or speak on the intercom
- Constant coughing makes me have to pee...especially when I'm pregnant...
- Feeling like a germ-breeding machine everywhere I go
- Having to tote around tissues and try not to be too gross when blowing gobs of nastiness out of my nose in public, and then having to figure out what to do with the tissues if there's not a trashcan around
- Sinus pressure. AWFUL.
- Post nasal drip. ALSO AWFUL.
- Raw skin around the nostrils from so much nose-blowing
- Always feeling like I look like yuck because I don't feel putting effort into getting ready, plus my nose is red and my eyes get puffy and gross
- I guess I should also add that having a cold makes dancing miserable. Aches, breathing hard, the insane pressure pain any time your move your head or bend, not being able to spot without having snot fling across the room, getting the dribbles in the middle of a combination and having to cope until it's over, constantly running to the bathroom for more tissues, no fun. No fun at all.

What I love about colds:

- Soup. Need I say more?
- They make you sick enough to justify a day or two off of work, but you're not so sick you want to lay on the floor of the bathroom and die
- I tend to get this lingering cool raspy smoker voice. I also hate that my voice changes, but sometimes it's cool. Trevor likes it :)
- Going along with the voice change, my laugh changes too, and I basically sound like an idiot when I laugh with a cold. So much so, that the sound of my laugh will often sound so dumb that it makes me laugh...proceeding in a never-ending happy laughing cycle.
- It's the perfect excuse to stay home and pamper yourself. Cuddle up and watch a chick flick, read that book you've been meaning to (if the headache and fever and congestion aren't driving you too crazy to think and concentrate), order pizza since you don't feel like cooking, ask someone else to bring you everything, etc. 
- PJ's all day. (Ok, I do that everyday, but still!)
- I don't have to feel bad about watching TV and movies all day long
- And one of the biggest things I love about colds is that a cold is NOT a stomach bug or food poisoning!! As miserable as having a cold makes me, I would take a cold over nausea ANY DAY OF MY LIFE! So whoever gave me this cold, I'm not liking it. At all. But thank you thank you thank you for not giving me a stomach bug!!

And on a related note, I'm having an especially hard time sleeping with this cold due to being pregnant and having limited sleeping positions. So that means I'm learning what to do all night when I can't sleep.

So far my all-nighter activities include watching Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance on the Hulu app on my laptop, playing Candy Crush Saga (I made a fake account so I could request extra lives from myself and play forever), pacing in my bedroom for like an hour to try to wear myself out enough to fall asleep, looking up sewing tutorials on Pinterest, trying to read and giving up, listening to sleep hypnosis videos on Youtube over and over and over...(wishful thinking :), flipping side to side and folding my pillows various ways to try in vain to find a winning combination, shaving my legs, eating snacks, waking Trevor up to tell him to stop snoring, waking Trevor up to tell him to move over because I want to sleep more sideways, watching cat videos, facebook stalking...yeah, you get the idea :)

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