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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dreams Don't Always Come True. Thank Goodness!!

Based on what I've heard from several people, I guess having crazing dreams routinely is just part of being pregnant and I should just get used to it.

Last night's adventures featured me as part of the bridal party for some girl's wedding, and for her wedding we were doing some sort of presentation/program thing in the chapel at my church. She was sitting in the audience with all the rest of the guests, and me and the rest of the people doing stuff were up on the stand in front of everyone. My assignment was to read a poem and explain what it meant. Kind of like a school presentation more than part of a wedding...but whatever. For some reason I hadn't read it until the wedding had already started. And it made no sense, and it wasn't even about love or marriage or anything, and no one told me when I was supposed to go talk about it.

I just assumed someone would cue me or something, but no one did. After a long time of reading and trying to understand and agonizing while trying to find some sort of indicator that I should do my thing next, people started walking out (as another person was finishing doing her thing). Not wanting to be the black sheep who was asked to be a part of the wedding and never was, I seized the opportunity and ran up to the open mic and started reading the poem. Then I suddenly got a really really bad cold with congestion so bad I felt like I could hardly talk. I didn't really know the content of my poem at all, and I realized half-way through that it was actually a completely different poem than the one I was looking at before. Oops. And a little girl ran away from her mom and got up on the stand and took a chocolate cupcake from a plate of goodies that I had hidden up with my stuff, and threw up in front of everyone because she was allergic to chocolate cupcakes. That caused a bit of a stir. As I continued to stumble awkwardly through my train-wreck of a wedding poetry reading thing, people were getting up and walking out left and right without even bothering to be inconspicuous or anything. I saw my uncle out there in the crowd shaking his head and covering his face. It was pretty bad! And it took me forever because I didn't know what I was talking about so I was basically just rambling and making things up. I think the bride even walked out. Maybe I was at the wrong wedding or something because I don't think I even knew her.

Finally I decided to not finish the poem (it was several pages long, and I was doing a synopsis and sharing my thoughts after each page) because I lost my place in it and couldn't find the ending. So I concluded with something very un-eloquent to the effect of "well, marriage and families and loving each other is important...the end" and breathed a hugh sigh of relief that the torture was finally over.

It turns out it wasn't quite. My dad came up to me and said, "the best part was when you finally stopped", and told me with obvious annoyance that he didn't believe I actually had a cold, even though I totally did, and that I shouldn't have faked it because it made my whole presentation thing even more awful and awkward and boring and no one could even understand me. My mom started yelling at me too and saying it was my fault that girl threw up in front of everyone at the wedding because I had a chocolate cupcake. I told her the mom of the girl shouldn't have let her run crazy a a wedding and go and eat other people's food, and then my mom got even more mad at me because the mom was one of her friends, and everyone in the audience was saying it was her fault too and my mom was convinced it was mine in defense of her friend. And then someone else came over and was yelling at me for something, but I can't remember who or why. Goodness gracious! I was just trying to help out with the wedding like I was asked to!!

And then I woke up and no brides hated me, and everyone loved me, and no one was mad at me, and I ate taco salad for breakfast, and life was good :)

So the bottom line is, if anyone was planning on asking me to read poetry at their wedding, my answer is "no".

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