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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Class Quotes

A few little tidbits from kids at church today :)

- kid: I look sooo different today!
  me: Why?
  kid: because I'm wearing new shoes!
  It's amazing what cute shoes can do to a girl :) She then proceeded to scrape her new glittery shoes against each other so the glitter flaked off onto my bag for the next little while.

- teacher: Is magic real? When a magician saws someone in half, is that magic? 
   kid: no, that's just crazy.

- teacher: What are some miracles that God does?
   kid: He created the earth and people and animals
   another kid: He created aliens.

- teacher: Who knows who this is a picture of? *holds up picture of Elder Dallin H. Oaks*
   kid: *asks me his name so she can answer* President Obama H. Oaks!
   apparently my whispering articulation wasn't the best 

- And for anyone who is familiar with the show "Arrested Development" and the "Hello song" we sing in primary for visitors, the chorister decided we should sing it in Korean today. So we got to sing an yeoung, an yeoung, an yeoung, an yeoung, we welcome you today, an yeoung. :)  (forgive me if I spelled that wrong. I don't know how correct google's Korean spelling is)

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  1. Okay- I am not stalking you! I just saw your FB post and I had to check it out! (But really we're family, so it can't be stalking, right?!) Your spider post was hilarious! I love overhearing kid stuff! That made me think of something I wrote down the other day:
    Nope- I guess that wasn't the other day... February...
    Hope you are feeling better!