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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Crafty

I bought a sewing machine!!! Wahoo!! It came in the mail the day Trevor left last week, so I had it to keep me company in his absence. I wish I could say I'm good at sewing...but I'm not. The first day I opened it all I managed to accomplish was to choose my first project (a scripture case for my little sister!) and to read the first several pages of the instruction manual and finally figure out how to successfully wind the bobbin. It took forever. New machines are tricky and complicated, and what little skills I have are old and rusty.

The second day I went shopping for fabric and sewing stuff, and one of my friends came over for several hours for a sewing pow-wow that evening. She made 3 pillows, and awesome cute pillowcases for each of them...and I...mostly just struggled. My sister wanted silver lining, and the silver fabric I got was kind of like tons of pieces of thin Christmas tree tinsel woven together. It didn't really act like cloth and was super slippery, didn't respond to an iron, didn't hold its shape, frayed like crazy, and snagged with basically every pin prick or stitch! Gahh!! No wonder it was so inexpensive! Plus the pattern I used was for a pocket only big enough for a Book of Mormon (less than an inch thick), but I wanted to make a case big enough to hold the Bible and Doctrine and Covenants too, so I had to alter it quite a bit, and make my own pattern for the pocket (since the original pattern was for such a thin book, it wasn't even a real "pocket", it was just an extra piece of fabric sewn onto the lining). That was kind of hard.

The silver fabric shrank when it was sewed (in addition to the snagging and other problems), and it was so bad I ended up scrapping everything the next day and starting over. And redesigning the pattern a bit more to accommodate the shrinking snagging fabric.

I finally finished today though!!

To say this is beautifully constructed would be a MAJOR overstatement. Actually, it would be more of a flat out lie. But I'm still pretty proud of my first project! Especially considering all of the set-backs and extra challenges! It's a good thing I had Disney music to listen to and keep me in a good mood throughout it all!

It ended up a bit on the big side. Oh well. You can't win them all! At least now she has room to slide in her Personal Progress books and maybe even a Hershey bar or two :) And at least now there is plenty of room for improvement for my next sewing project adventure!!

Speaking of which, suggestions anyone? :)

Oh, and I also made these awesome coasters at a church activity on Saturday. I feel so cute and crafty, making so much stuff just in the past few days!

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  1. Well I think it's pretty fabulous! Sewing projects always take me 5x as long as they should.