"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dreams Don't Always Come True. Thank Goodness!!

Based on what I've heard from several people, I guess having crazing dreams routinely is just part of being pregnant and I should just get used to it.

Last night's adventures featured me as part of the bridal party for some girl's wedding, and for her wedding we were doing some sort of presentation/program thing in the chapel at my church. She was sitting in the audience with all the rest of the guests, and me and the rest of the people doing stuff were up on the stand in front of everyone. My assignment was to read a poem and explain what it meant. Kind of like a school presentation more than part of a wedding...but whatever. For some reason I hadn't read it until the wedding had already started. And it made no sense, and it wasn't even about love or marriage or anything, and no one told me when I was supposed to go talk about it.

I just assumed someone would cue me or something, but no one did. After a long time of reading and trying to understand and agonizing while trying to find some sort of indicator that I should do my thing next, people started walking out (as another person was finishing doing her thing). Not wanting to be the black sheep who was asked to be a part of the wedding and never was, I seized the opportunity and ran up to the open mic and started reading the poem. Then I suddenly got a really really bad cold with congestion so bad I felt like I could hardly talk. I didn't really know the content of my poem at all, and I realized half-way through that it was actually a completely different poem than the one I was looking at before. Oops. And a little girl ran away from her mom and got up on the stand and took a chocolate cupcake from a plate of goodies that I had hidden up with my stuff, and threw up in front of everyone because she was allergic to chocolate cupcakes. That caused a bit of a stir. As I continued to stumble awkwardly through my train-wreck of a wedding poetry reading thing, people were getting up and walking out left and right without even bothering to be inconspicuous or anything. I saw my uncle out there in the crowd shaking his head and covering his face. It was pretty bad! And it took me forever because I didn't know what I was talking about so I was basically just rambling and making things up. I think the bride even walked out. Maybe I was at the wrong wedding or something because I don't think I even knew her.

Finally I decided to not finish the poem (it was several pages long, and I was doing a synopsis and sharing my thoughts after each page) because I lost my place in it and couldn't find the ending. So I concluded with something very un-eloquent to the effect of "well, marriage and families and loving each other is important...the end" and breathed a hugh sigh of relief that the torture was finally over.

It turns out it wasn't quite. My dad came up to me and said, "the best part was when you finally stopped", and told me with obvious annoyance that he didn't believe I actually had a cold, even though I totally did, and that I shouldn't have faked it because it made my whole presentation thing even more awful and awkward and boring and no one could even understand me. My mom started yelling at me too and saying it was my fault that girl threw up in front of everyone at the wedding because I had a chocolate cupcake. I told her the mom of the girl shouldn't have let her run crazy a a wedding and go and eat other people's food, and then my mom got even more mad at me because the mom was one of her friends, and everyone in the audience was saying it was her fault too and my mom was convinced it was mine in defense of her friend. And then someone else came over and was yelling at me for something, but I can't remember who or why. Goodness gracious! I was just trying to help out with the wedding like I was asked to!!

And then I woke up and no brides hated me, and everyone loved me, and no one was mad at me, and I ate taco salad for breakfast, and life was good :)

So the bottom line is, if anyone was planning on asking me to read poetry at their wedding, my answer is "no".

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship with Colds

What I hate about colds:

- The sore throat. Ugh. Awful! I hate not being able to swallow!
- Constantly choking and gagging on my own spit and swollen throat
- Having to be a mouth breather
- Having to figure out how to try to eat while being a mouth breather...
- Feeling like I've lost my mind because of the fever/congestion/headache combo (plus being a mouth breather)
- Not being able to talk because of flem and/or pain
- Not being able to sleep because I can't breathe or because I keep waking up gagging on my spit that can't pass through my swollen throat
- That dry knives-in-the-throat feeling right when you wake up (assuming I ever fell asleep in the first place) from mouth breathing and drying up my throat and the flem in my throat.
- Sneezing violently with a sore throat. Ouch ouch ouch
- My voice getting all messed up and weird and having to answer phones at work or speak on the intercom
- Constant coughing makes me have to pee...especially when I'm pregnant...
- Feeling like a germ-breeding machine everywhere I go
- Having to tote around tissues and try not to be too gross when blowing gobs of nastiness out of my nose in public, and then having to figure out what to do with the tissues if there's not a trashcan around
- Sinus pressure. AWFUL.
- Post nasal drip. ALSO AWFUL.
- Raw skin around the nostrils from so much nose-blowing
- Always feeling like I look like yuck because I don't feel putting effort into getting ready, plus my nose is red and my eyes get puffy and gross
- I guess I should also add that having a cold makes dancing miserable. Aches, breathing hard, the insane pressure pain any time your move your head or bend, not being able to spot without having snot fling across the room, getting the dribbles in the middle of a combination and having to cope until it's over, constantly running to the bathroom for more tissues, no fun. No fun at all.

What I love about colds:

- Soup. Need I say more?
- They make you sick enough to justify a day or two off of work, but you're not so sick you want to lay on the floor of the bathroom and die
- I tend to get this lingering cool raspy smoker voice. I also hate that my voice changes, but sometimes it's cool. Trevor likes it :)
- Going along with the voice change, my laugh changes too, and I basically sound like an idiot when I laugh with a cold. So much so, that the sound of my laugh will often sound so dumb that it makes me laugh...proceeding in a never-ending happy laughing cycle.
- It's the perfect excuse to stay home and pamper yourself. Cuddle up and watch a chick flick, read that book you've been meaning to (if the headache and fever and congestion aren't driving you too crazy to think and concentrate), order pizza since you don't feel like cooking, ask someone else to bring you everything, etc. 
- PJ's all day. (Ok, I do that everyday, but still!)
- I don't have to feel bad about watching TV and movies all day long
- And one of the biggest things I love about colds is that a cold is NOT a stomach bug or food poisoning!! As miserable as having a cold makes me, I would take a cold over nausea ANY DAY OF MY LIFE! So whoever gave me this cold, I'm not liking it. At all. But thank you thank you thank you for not giving me a stomach bug!!

And on a related note, I'm having an especially hard time sleeping with this cold due to being pregnant and having limited sleeping positions. So that means I'm learning what to do all night when I can't sleep.

So far my all-nighter activities include watching Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance on the Hulu app on my laptop, playing Candy Crush Saga (I made a fake account so I could request extra lives from myself and play forever), pacing in my bedroom for like an hour to try to wear myself out enough to fall asleep, looking up sewing tutorials on Pinterest, trying to read and giving up, listening to sleep hypnosis videos on Youtube over and over and over...(wishful thinking :), flipping side to side and folding my pillows various ways to try in vain to find a winning combination, shaving my legs, eating snacks, waking Trevor up to tell him to stop snoring, waking Trevor up to tell him to move over because I want to sleep more sideways, watching cat videos, facebook stalking...yeah, you get the idea :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Crafty

I bought a sewing machine!!! Wahoo!! It came in the mail the day Trevor left last week, so I had it to keep me company in his absence. I wish I could say I'm good at sewing...but I'm not. The first day I opened it all I managed to accomplish was to choose my first project (a scripture case for my little sister!) and to read the first several pages of the instruction manual and finally figure out how to successfully wind the bobbin. It took forever. New machines are tricky and complicated, and what little skills I have are old and rusty.

The second day I went shopping for fabric and sewing stuff, and one of my friends came over for several hours for a sewing pow-wow that evening. She made 3 pillows, and awesome cute pillowcases for each of them...and I...mostly just struggled. My sister wanted silver lining, and the silver fabric I got was kind of like tons of pieces of thin Christmas tree tinsel woven together. It didn't really act like cloth and was super slippery, didn't respond to an iron, didn't hold its shape, frayed like crazy, and snagged with basically every pin prick or stitch! Gahh!! No wonder it was so inexpensive! Plus the pattern I used was for a pocket only big enough for a Book of Mormon (less than an inch thick), but I wanted to make a case big enough to hold the Bible and Doctrine and Covenants too, so I had to alter it quite a bit, and make my own pattern for the pocket (since the original pattern was for such a thin book, it wasn't even a real "pocket", it was just an extra piece of fabric sewn onto the lining). That was kind of hard.

The silver fabric shrank when it was sewed (in addition to the snagging and other problems), and it was so bad I ended up scrapping everything the next day and starting over. And redesigning the pattern a bit more to accommodate the shrinking snagging fabric.

I finally finished today though!!

To say this is beautifully constructed would be a MAJOR overstatement. Actually, it would be more of a flat out lie. But I'm still pretty proud of my first project! Especially considering all of the set-backs and extra challenges! It's a good thing I had Disney music to listen to and keep me in a good mood throughout it all!

It ended up a bit on the big side. Oh well. You can't win them all! At least now she has room to slide in her Personal Progress books and maybe even a Hershey bar or two :) And at least now there is plenty of room for improvement for my next sewing project adventure!!

Speaking of which, suggestions anyone? :)

Oh, and I also made these awesome coasters at a church activity on Saturday. I feel so cute and crafty, making so much stuff just in the past few days!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ultrasound!

Last Monday me and Trevor got our first real look at our baby!!! SO COOL!! I wish I could go in and get one every week :)

I don't really know what we were expecting, but both me and Trevor were totally amazed at how complete and developed our baby is! Especially compared to my first ultrasound when it just looked like a blob with a blinky thing in the middle (the heart beating).

The ultrasound lady (we'll call her Judy for the sake of this post) said our baby has a "textbook perfect spine", and all the organs and everything look great and healthy! The baby was pretty still during the first part of the ultrasound while Judy was getting measurements and taking pictures of the organs and everything, and then it moved its arm, like a lot! Ok, it sounds kind of dumb and anti-climactic, but it was totally surprising! I know babies move around and kick and such their thumbs and stuff, but I thought it was just small and/or slow movements while staying 99% curled up in the fetal position. This was like a huge fast arm movement like I'd expect to see from Trevor as he was adjusting positions while watching a movie or something. So cool! Well, to us anyway :) 

Then Judy was finally done with the other stuff and was ready to check the gender! But our baby decided to get a bit self-conscious and camera-shy right then. I would be too :) He/she/it clamped up and curled it's feet up around its butt and wouldn't budge! And because of the angle it was rotated, there was just no way to tell. Judy was really patient and kept poking and prodding our baby in the butt with the ultrasound stick thing (oh my gosh, what is it called? I know this. Pregnancy brain :), but the baby would just wriggle/scootch forward a bit and curl its legs up tighter! It looked like the baby was crawling through a dark cave or something. So cool! The Judy had me roll over from side to side and back again a couple times to try to get a better angle and to hopefully convince the baby to change position a bit. No luck.

I was afraid we weren't going to be able to tell what our baby's gender is and that we'd just get sent home without knowing, but thank goodness Judy was so determined! (And thank goodness they let me pee before the ultrasound instead of having to go in with a full-to-bursting bladder like it said in the information handout they gave me when I set up the appointment, because she was really digging that thing into me to try to figure out and I definitely would have peed my pants!)

Finally, after what felt like forever, the baby moved enough for Judy to get a fairly decent view. She asked another ultrasound lady to get a second opinion, and they both agreed...it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!


I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I really wanted a girl sooo sooooo bad! I even started buying and collecting girl decor for the baby's room over the past few months just because I wanted it so bad :) Me and Trevor rejoiced over our awesome news (Trevor wanted a boy, but how can you not be excited to find out you're having a daughter?!) and our little princess that had been so stubborn and motionless for the past several minutes started doing somersaults! Judy was trying to get a nice face shot or two for us to take home, but our little girl was just going so crazy that Judy told us she couldn't even tell what she was looking at anymore because she just wouldn't hold still long enough! Yep, I'm thinking future dancer :)

Judy was totally shocked that I couldn't feel any of the commotion that was going on inside, but I guess that will come soon enough. I keep thinking maybe I can feel her moving, but it's really hard for me to tell because with my GI problems I'm constantly feeling stomach and intestine contractions and stuff, so there's always a lot of "background" noise I guess you could say. Oh well. Keep dancing in there, little girl :)

As for a name, no, we have not chosen anything yet. We have a few tentative ideas, but we're still in the searching process. Trevor made a googledoc for friends to submit name suggestions and guess the gender, and an overwhelming majority guessed that it would be a girl, and the most popular girl name was Shaniqua. Haha, I'm pretty sure we're not going to name her that, but whatever we do end up naming her will be equally as awesome :)

We're so happy about our little baby girl! And knowing that she's a girl and getting to see her so clearly just makes it all the more real that I'm actually having a baby, and she's living inside of me right now! So fun! We can't wait to meet her!

...A Whole Week Later...

Ok, I better start this post by apologizing to everyone whose life I unintentionally ruined or put on hold while waiting in suspense to find out the gender of our baby! I fully intended that me and Trevor would have some sort of announcement out later that night, but we got busy with errands and stuff and Family Home Evening and it didn't happen. And then he was out of town nearly all week to be at his little sister's wedding out-of-state. I got to stay home alone while he was gone to cut travel expenses, and because I was still getting beat up with morning sickness when we bought the plane tickets and we weren't sure if I would be well enough to make the trip.

You'd think being bored and home alone all day every day for a week would leave me with plenty of time and motivation to blog, right? Nope. It actually made me really lonely and sad and mopey and moody and hormonal and really not in any sort of mood to concentrate and write. Distracting myself with friends, shopping, food (specifically nachos...I ate an entire 8 oz brick of cheese and 12+ oz jar of salsa in the first 2 days), figuring out my brand new sewing machine that came in the mail the day he left, choosing and shopping for and starting my first sewing project, and watching ballets and Project Runway for hours on end were much more appealing.

Getting to see our little baby at the ultrasound appointment was a really special experience that I want to take the time and effort to actually document, and knowing me, if I hurried up and announced the gender of our baby there would be nothing to compel me to actually sit down and write about the ultrasound appointment! So that is why no announcement has been made yet. Aren't I selfish? :) But now my Trevor is back here with me! My muse has returned, and life is joyous and wonderful again! So without further ado, I'm starting to write my ultrasound experience/gender revealing baby post right now, and I'm not getting up until it's finished and posted! (Despite how loudly the peanut butter M&M's in the kitchen are calling my name, and how badly I want to finish my sewing project right now :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Short Letter to the Spider I Met this Morning

Dear spider,

Thank you for being in the hall outside my bedroom instead of inside my bedroom.
Thank you for not being full-grown (3/4-1" instead of 2").
Thank you for being dead.
Thank you for not alerting me of your existence while you were alive.
Thank you for dying in an empty hallway instead of near my food or clothes or stuff.

If I have to suffer through more unwanted visitors of your kind in the future (as I am sure I will), I hope they all are as considerate as you.

~ me

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Class Quotes

A few little tidbits from kids at church today :)

- kid: I look sooo different today!
  me: Why?
  kid: because I'm wearing new shoes!
  It's amazing what cute shoes can do to a girl :) She then proceeded to scrape her new glittery shoes against each other so the glitter flaked off onto my bag for the next little while.

- teacher: Is magic real? When a magician saws someone in half, is that magic? 
   kid: no, that's just crazy.

- teacher: What are some miracles that God does?
   kid: He created the earth and people and animals
   another kid: He created aliens.

- teacher: Who knows who this is a picture of? *holds up picture of Elder Dallin H. Oaks*
   kid: *asks me his name so she can answer* President Obama H. Oaks!
   apparently my whispering articulation wasn't the best 

- And for anyone who is familiar with the show "Arrested Development" and the "Hello song" we sing in primary for visitors, the chorister decided we should sing it in Korean today. So we got to sing an yeoung, an yeoung, an yeoung, an yeoung, we welcome you today, an yeoung. :)  (forgive me if I spelled that wrong. I don't know how correct google's Korean spelling is)

Boy, Girl, Alien...

In exactly one day and 30 minutes from this moment (maybe a few less by the time I post this :) we'll be at my appointment finding out if we're having a boy or a girl!!!! Wahoo!!! I super super super hope it's a girl, and Trevor really really really wants a boy...so we'll see who wins :) I've been collecting random girly decor to decorate the baby's future room just in hopes that maybe that will make us more likely to have a girl...haha wishful thinking. But anyways we're so excited!!