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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where to Send the Money

With our new budget, instead of just trying to spend as little as possible and putting everything we don't spend into savings, I now have a spending allotment! Wahoo! The only problem is now that I have money to save up for stuff I've been wanting, I can't decide what to save up for first!

Things currently on my dream list include:
- a sewing machine!!
- fabric, patterns, equipment, sewing table, lessons, etc. to go with my sewing machine!
- a piano!
- ballet tuition!
- an elliptical or stationary bike and/or gym membership so I can take yoga and use their equipment!
- cute maternity clothes
- makeup lamps and a chair for my new vanity
- a "real" haircut from like a real quality salon
- a massage
- a mani-pedi
- a hammock
- a decent-sized inflatable backyard pool for hot summer days
- a water hammock
- curtains and/or new blinds for the sunroom
- Christmas lights to deck out the sunroom for evening get-togethers
- a trip to Disney World

Right now the things at the top of my list will all take me a couple of months each to save up for individually, and they all have great perks for being first on the list!

If I get a sewing machine I'll hopefully get skills and be able to alter some of my too-big clothes  I've saved into maternity clothes, and I can make curtains and baby clothes and blankets and burp clothes, and I'll have a great hobby to develop and occupy my time while I'm waiting for the baby to come!

If we get a piano (an old, inexpensive, used one of course) I can spend hours playing it (another hobby to keep me busy!) and I can ideally start teaching piano lessons again, assuming I feel well enough. A little extra income never hurt anyone! Least of all a soon-to-be mom who is buying all her baby stuff for the first time! (There sooo much to buy! Holy cow!)

Ballet tuition...does this really need an explanation? It just seems to be a fact of my existence that I absolutely cannot function for very long without ballet in my life. It would only be for a maximum of 1 class a week, but it would help me keep in shape and be stronger while doing what I love and can't live without :)

Having exercise equipment at my house would help keep me motivated to stay in shape too. My doctor said using a stationary bike and elliptical are great low-impact ways to work out without being in danger of losing my balance (growing baby = changing center of gravity and drops in blood pressure when changing positions, etc) or causing injury from lifting weights, running, etc. Plus I can do them inside without having to worry about getting overheated during this hot and steamy Alabama Summer! And yoga is just great for pregnancy and overall well-being in general. I'm guessing giving birth is a LOT more physically taxing than just one ballet class, and after my experience in ballet on Monday, I am faaar far away from being in shape! Gotta be strong and ready!

I guess I'll just have to keep checking out deals for all the big stuff at the top of my list, and see which one ends up winning first! One thing is for sure though...after the baby comes, I DEFINITELY want to do a ballet photo shoot at the beach! We live so close to the beach now that I can't resist! Check these out! https://www.google.com/search?q=beach+ballet+photography&client=firefox-a&hs=liG&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=SMjwUd_8OcLk4AOT8IDQCg&ved=0CC0QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=606 How can you not love them?

So to make that a reality I'll need to keep up on my ballet training (stretching, turn out, strength), and I'll need to stay in shape to keep my muscle tone up and not get too blob-like during my pregnancy so I can get the excess baby fat off reasonably quickly, and I don't currently have any floaty/beachy ballet costumes or anything to wear for the shoot, so there's a great, fun sewing project for me right there! And teaching piano lessons will definitely help me save up enough money for fabric and patterns to sew a costume, and to pay for the photo shoot. So there's my incentive to be great at saving up my money for the big things instead of spending it all on little things!

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