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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saving Money with a Super Sale :)

Over the past few days Trevor has been re-doing our budget to take into consideration our new income and new expenses. Now that we have some actual data on what to expect for utilities and everything, our numbers and percentages are a lot more accurate, and...unfortunately our bills are a lot more than we predicted! And now that we've done the breakdown of our receipts to see how much money we're spending on which items, it's pretty apparent that we spend waaaay more money on groceries than we need to be spending.

We figured out a new and improved budget to cover all the essentials, set aside a significant pre-designanted amount for savings each month, start a baby fund (!) and a travel fund (gotta get lots of trips in before the baby comes!) and a fund for a second car, and still have some spending money left over for each of us! I'm pretty happy with it!

In order to follow our budget and be able to save up in the funds we want to, we're going to have to be really smart with our money. We are already pretty thrifty, but now we're going into hyper drive! Bring on the couponing, bargain hunting, deal shopping, thrifting, selling junk on craigslist-ing, planning inexpensive dinners, and cheap/free dates!

I've recently signed up with several coupon sites, deal sites, and free sample sites, as well as starting using a few safe sites that feature great deals and pay me for surveys, watching ads, using their coupons, etc. In just the past few days I've earned about $15!

Which brings me to the deal I found that sparked my interest in writing this post in the first place!

I opened my email this morning to discover a link to this WAY cute mint, coral, lavender, and yellow striped maxi dress (great for various stages of pregnancy, and for after I deliver :) from Sexy Modest marked down from $54.99 to only $12.99!!!  It's just too good of a deal to not share! Only 26 left! The perfect reward for my online earnings this past week. I just bought one and I can't wait to wear it :)


The image isn't copiable, so just click on the link to see it! I'm not getting any sort of incentive for posting about this, fyi, just spreading good news. Little things get me excited these days :)


  1. What sites do you use to earn money and get free stuff and all that?

  2. There's a post coming soon about all that! I've set up accounts with about 10 different sites, but I don't want to recommend any yet until I've used them all for a bit longer so I can compare them better. I also need to make sure my free stuff really does come in the mail, and see how easy or hard it is to cash in my rewards :) I'll let you know when I post!