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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Sure If They Got It...

I'm guessing I'll be posting something every week about our adventures teaching the 5-year-old class at church. There's just never a dull moment! Little kids are such characters, and they are just so candid! Me and Trevor are still learning what they can understand, and how to teach on their level and keep their interest for nearly 2 hours, so that just makes it all the more adventuresome!

This week's lesson was on accountability and choosing right from wrong. The kids are always begging to play hangman, so we started class off with it and had "accountability" as the word they were guessing. A game they love, an attention-getter, and a great tie in for the lesson. That was the plan. Too bad we waaaay underestimated how long it would take to get a group of little kids to finish a round of hangman with a 14-letter word that it turns out none of them had ever heard of before, so by the time they finally finished the word they were already so bored and restless they didn't care much about our explanation of what it means and why it's important.

Good thing we had another one of their favorite activities planned next: coloring!

We told them the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and how they were bad and killed a lot of people, but when they learned about Heavenly Father and Jesus and the commandments, they decided they would always choose to do the right thing. And they felt so bad about all the good people they had killed that they dug a huge hole in the ground and everyone threw all their weapons in the hole and buried it up so they could never kill anyone ever again. (We decided to leave out the part where there's a war and they choose to keep their covenant with God to never kill again and end up getting slaughtered while praying. A bit graphic for young minds)

And what did our kids remember after hearing the story? "Hey, that little boy in the picture has a sword! Cool!"

Then we had them draw pictures of weapons and throw them into a "pit" (the trashcan) like the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and promise to always choose the right. They were...quite excited to draw weapons. They slaved away over those pictures for like forever, drawing all kinds of different weapons, trying to draw cooler weapons than the person next to them, including details like dripping blood and dead bodies (one kid informed me the dead body in his picture was his mom. Oh goodness, what have we done?). And most of our students were even girls! 

We finally cut the coloring short so we could keep the lesson moving, and told the kids to come throw their weapons in the pit. That didn't go over so well. "Throw my picture in the trash?! But there's gum in there!", "Can we take them back out after so we can take them home?", "But I want to keep mine!". I think they kind of missed the whole point of the story...and the lesson. In the end we caved and just had them throw the weapons on the floor and let them take them home after class. 

 We finished things up by having them come and pick a slip of paper and read the scenario on it and say what the right thing to do would be. For example, "your dad asks you to help him in the yard. You are rude to him and go play with your friends instead." We just used the examples in the teaching manual and one of them happened to be "Your friend offers you some beer". I'm not sure what 5-year-old has friends who offer beer...but the manual was written in the early 90's. Maybe things were different back then? Anyways, the girl that read that one really loved it and even asked if she could keep it and take it home. 

So basically, I'm a little scared to imagine what those kids' parents thought when they got home and asked them what they learned in church, and the kids showed them their graphic pictures of bloody weapons and dead people that we told them to draw, and talked about hangman and beer. Oh well, at least we tried!!

Hehe and after everyone left at the end of class, one of the little boys told me he loves me and wants to stay with me at my house. I told him it's kind of boring there because we don't have any kid toys, and me and Trevor just hang out and do boring big-kid stuff all the time. He got confused and asked "you just hang out all day with your dad?". Haha I'm not sure why he still thinks Trevor is my dad and not my husband, we've even had the same conversation with this kid before. Kids are weird!

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