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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, July 26, 2013

Do the Dishes. Now.

Lately it has been far too easy for me to make excuses for myself to get out of doing stuff. No time to do the dishes, I have to lay here and watch a movie while I grow a baby. Sorry, I can't cook dinner tonight, I'm busy growing a baby...but feel free to make me some food and bring it to me to eat while I lounge on the sofa. Laundry? Sweeping? Organizing? Cleaning? I'd love to help, but I'm just so busy growing this baby that I guess I can't. Maybe in like 9 months. Except then I'll be busy taking care of a newborn and making food for it 24/7. So...I'll probably just be too busy to do any of that ever again for the rest of my life actually :)

Sometimes I really am too sick or uncomfortable or downright exhausted to do stuff, but now that the worst of the morning sickness is finally behind me, these days when I don't do stuff the culprit is often also laziness.

Meanwhile my wonderful, hard-working, loving, caring, sweet sweet sweet, ever-patient husband has been waking up before me (sometimes I sleep in for another 3 hours...), putting in a full day of hard work, bringing home the bacon, coming home hungry and exhausted with a big long to-do list (and more often than not there is no dinner waiting for him), taking care of all the outside yard work (with absolutely no reminders from me!), enduring my endless whining and ranting and mood swings, treating me like a princess and catering to my every whim, and picking up my slack without even complaining. What a rock star!!

But there just aren't enough hours in the day for him to do everything every day, so the dishes/kitchen area are generally what get neglected. It's really my terrain anyway. I'm home all day and constantly eating snacks or dreaming about what to cook next. I spill crumbs and forget to clean them up. I make way more dishes than Trevor thanks to my multiple mini meals and cooking messes instead of his one massive dinner plate a day (breakfast on the go, and paper dishes for lunch at work). It doesn't take long for things to be a real disaster...and for nearly all of it to be my mess.

The great thing about dishes though is that they will always be there if you put them off. No need to rush and do them now, when you can just do them the next day!...Unless it attracts bugs and your kitchen gets infested...like ours did.

Yesterday night we started attacking the big mess that has been having a party in our kitchen for a long time, and lo and behold, we found all these wriggly scootchy white larvae living there! After a bit of online research, I'm pretty sure they're pantry moths. They sound awful. Blech. I guess that's what I get for being too busy to take care of the dishes when they first happened. An invasion.

So today instead of going on another Friday beach trip with the girls like I did last week, I stayed home and did some deep cleaning. Not too busy today :)

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