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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, July 8, 2013

Being Productive on Facebook Today

Yep, you read that right, I was actually productive today while I was on facebook! Ok, technically it's more like potentially productive. I must admit, my facebook perusing started off by figuring out my super hero name (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=518381558217215&set=a.417173935004645.117625.143729952349046&type=1&theater check it out! haha ok...it's not that great, but when you're bored a little bit can go a long way)...which lead to me figuring out the super hero names of my husband, everyone in my immediate family, some other people...I was having a bit too much fun :) Then I kept on browsing down my newsfeed, stalking my friends as any good friend/normal person does, and lo and behold, I found a very useful blog post linked by one of my friends!


The first part about groceries and stuff is good information, but the part I'm excited about is further down into her post. She lists a bunch of ways to help supplement income when you're too sick to do anything other than lay around and pass the time on the internet! Story of my life!

I don't know the author of the post, but I sure can relate a lot to the situation she is describing!! Although Trevor is now employed and making much more than I was back when we were in Utah (plus we don't have to worry about tuition for the next year. yay!), our housing expenses and utilities have increased significantly since we moved out on our own, we have to save up for the baby that is coming soon, the cost of graduate school is probably in our near future so there's another major thing to save up for, being a 1-car family with a baby just doesn't seem smart or safe so we need to save up for another car, our nice inexpensive phone plan doesn't work well at all out here so that expense is about to increase, plus moving across the country is expensive in itself and moving into our new place brought extra expenses like having to buy a washer and dryer (those things aren't cheap!), a lawn mower, outdoor yard care stuff (brooms, rake, hose etc), a sofa set for the living room, a vanity/makeup table because there isn't any counter space in the bathroom, pest control, several more bookcases to store our books/dvds/games and also to use as a pantry since the house doesn't have one, etc. (fortunately, we are both used to being frugal, and neither of us had any debt when we got married and we have worked hard to make sure that has always been the case, while always having a good bit of savings stashed away)

I also struggle with my health, and I've been having lots of morning sickness challenges on top of that, so trying to find a job is just completely out of the question for me. That means I spend all day laying on the couch or in bed eating food we paid for and running up our electric bill while doing nothing of use while I watch our precious income trickle (it feels more like gush!) constantly and uncontrollably out of our bank account. It's really stressful! My fun mood-swings from the hormones and stuff sure help to make it even more of an anxiety-inducing experience. Not to mention it doesn't do much for my self-esteem to suddenly go from being the bread-winner and homemaker in addition to using my talents/interests as the ward choir accompanist and spending several hours a week in ballet classes and rehearsals preparing for an upcoming performance...to being a class-A bump on a log around the house and considering it a major victory if I manage to make dinner or do the dishes over the course of the entire day.

The good news is the morning sickness is starting to get better! That means instead of hating life and going into survival mode while wishing I could just fast-forward in time, now I'm feeling guilty for all this wasted time but I'm still not feeling well enough to actually be especially productive. Blah.

Well thanks to the blog post I linked above, now I have a few ways to actually help out with the financial situation while I lay around feeling icky! A ways into her post she lists and links several good companies/websites she has used to earn money while being sick and pregnant! Surveys, writing reviews for songs or commercials, scanning items, etc. She also lists realistically how much they pay, what is required from you, how you get the payment, and her experience using the site. Great trustworthy information! It's not the equivalent of actually having a job. Not by a long shot. Most of them are more like nickel and dime situations, but it all adds up. Plus some of them actually do pay more substantial amounts. Regardless, it's still a way for me to at least feel like I am able to help out instead of just dumping money down the drain, and it will give me at least some feeling of productivity and control over things :) And that sounds soooo wonderful!! So I'm off to make some money!

...and by "off" I actually mean I'm going to continue laying here and just click on a different site that will pay me a little something to spend time there :)


  1. The two best websites I've found for making a little extra money at home are mysurvey.com and i-say.com. I've used a ton of different survey websites, and I've actually seen a decent income from these (plus I get a lot of free products!) I like that you qualify for almost all the surveys, too.

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!

  2. Thanks! I decided I'm going to start scheduling a block of time every day for me to "go to work", and I'll definitely be sure to check out both of those sites while I'm "at work" today! :D