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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby and Ballet

Two super exciting things are happening today!

The first actually already happened. This morning I had my second doctors appointment since I've been pregnant! I finally mustered up the decision-making effort to pick a hospital, doctor's office, and an OB, waited for an available opening, got my records transferred, and went in for my appointment today! The doctor I chose was one that someone from church strongly recommended. He sat down with us and I pulled out my long list of questions to ask him, and he answered every single one very completely without making me feel rushed or stupid or anything. I like him a lot so far. Me and Trevor were kind of hoping that we'd get to do an ultrasound and find out the gender of our little baby today, but it turns out we were a bit too optimistic. He said they can't usually tell for sure until around 18-21 weeks (I'm just under 16 weeks). The good news is, we were able to easily hear the baby's heart beat and it's good and strong! It's so cool to hear :) My vitals are all great, and the nurse said I'm currently about as low-risk as pregnancies come. Yay! They also said I'm "skinny enough" that we shouldn't have a problem finding out the gender 2 weeks from today, even though I'll be just under 18 weeks!! And according to their scale, I only weigh 107. That's like...not a ton more than usual, and less than I weighed last August. Bah. I still feel like a whale. And I've definitely gained noticeable weight (plus a growing baby bump), even if the numbers aren't showing it at the moment. Probably thanks to muscle atrophy from laying in bed for the past several months instead of my nice toned ballet muscles.

And speaking of ballet muscles...I'm going to get some back! I'm going to ballet today! I went and checked out a studio near my house where one of my new friends teaches, and they were very understanding of my situation and worked out a 10-class punchcard deal and told me I could take their company class since there currently isn't an adult ballet class. It's a pretty small studio and it really doesn't look all that promising, but then again, neither do I right now! So it may end up being perfect :) They also said it would be ok for me to come in shorts and a tank top or whatever I want to wear since my ballet stuff doesn't fit my currently not-so-sleek-or-trim-or-toned body. Today is my trial class to see if I want to buy the punchcard, and it's also my first time dancing in over 2 months! And it starts in just over an hour from now! I probably won't be able to do much, but I'm still super excited! Now I just need to find something to wear, and stretch out a bit...for the first time in months...haha oh boy, this class is probably going to be a train wreck! Oh well :)

And my secret #3 exciting thing is that I'm going to make some sort of awesome dessert tonight! And probably eat most of it too. I haven't decided what to bake yet, but the baby will probably tell me exactly what it wants once I finish with ballet, so I'm not too worried about deciding :)

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  1. You'll definitely be able to find out around 16 weeks! That's when we found out, with no trouble at all :) Be sure to drink orange juice and eat a candy bar right before!