"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Sure If They Got It...

I'm guessing I'll be posting something every week about our adventures teaching the 5-year-old class at church. There's just never a dull moment! Little kids are such characters, and they are just so candid! Me and Trevor are still learning what they can understand, and how to teach on their level and keep their interest for nearly 2 hours, so that just makes it all the more adventuresome!

This week's lesson was on accountability and choosing right from wrong. The kids are always begging to play hangman, so we started class off with it and had "accountability" as the word they were guessing. A game they love, an attention-getter, and a great tie in for the lesson. That was the plan. Too bad we waaaay underestimated how long it would take to get a group of little kids to finish a round of hangman with a 14-letter word that it turns out none of them had ever heard of before, so by the time they finally finished the word they were already so bored and restless they didn't care much about our explanation of what it means and why it's important.

Good thing we had another one of their favorite activities planned next: coloring!

We told them the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and how they were bad and killed a lot of people, but when they learned about Heavenly Father and Jesus and the commandments, they decided they would always choose to do the right thing. And they felt so bad about all the good people they had killed that they dug a huge hole in the ground and everyone threw all their weapons in the hole and buried it up so they could never kill anyone ever again. (We decided to leave out the part where there's a war and they choose to keep their covenant with God to never kill again and end up getting slaughtered while praying. A bit graphic for young minds)

And what did our kids remember after hearing the story? "Hey, that little boy in the picture has a sword! Cool!"

Then we had them draw pictures of weapons and throw them into a "pit" (the trashcan) like the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and promise to always choose the right. They were...quite excited to draw weapons. They slaved away over those pictures for like forever, drawing all kinds of different weapons, trying to draw cooler weapons than the person next to them, including details like dripping blood and dead bodies (one kid informed me the dead body in his picture was his mom. Oh goodness, what have we done?). And most of our students were even girls! 

We finally cut the coloring short so we could keep the lesson moving, and told the kids to come throw their weapons in the pit. That didn't go over so well. "Throw my picture in the trash?! But there's gum in there!", "Can we take them back out after so we can take them home?", "But I want to keep mine!". I think they kind of missed the whole point of the story...and the lesson. In the end we caved and just had them throw the weapons on the floor and let them take them home after class. 

 We finished things up by having them come and pick a slip of paper and read the scenario on it and say what the right thing to do would be. For example, "your dad asks you to help him in the yard. You are rude to him and go play with your friends instead." We just used the examples in the teaching manual and one of them happened to be "Your friend offers you some beer". I'm not sure what 5-year-old has friends who offer beer...but the manual was written in the early 90's. Maybe things were different back then? Anyways, the girl that read that one really loved it and even asked if she could keep it and take it home. 

So basically, I'm a little scared to imagine what those kids' parents thought when they got home and asked them what they learned in church, and the kids showed them their graphic pictures of bloody weapons and dead people that we told them to draw, and talked about hangman and beer. Oh well, at least we tried!!

Hehe and after everyone left at the end of class, one of the little boys told me he loves me and wants to stay with me at my house. I told him it's kind of boring there because we don't have any kid toys, and me and Trevor just hang out and do boring big-kid stuff all the time. He got confused and asked "you just hang out all day with your dad?". Haha I'm not sure why he still thinks Trevor is my dad and not my husband, we've even had the same conversation with this kid before. Kids are weird!

Don't Stop, Don't Give Up!

Well...as anyone who has actually looked to see how I'm doing at my 30 days of posting every day can easily tell...I've missed a few. Now I have 3 choices. Give up, start over, or make up the difference. Giving up is just silly. Who needs that?! If I start over, that means it will be that much longer until I can start my next 30-day challenge, and there are other things I want to do too! So I guess that leaves making up the difference! So I get to post a lot this week :)

And here's my little inspirational video to keep me motivated! Totally the cutest thing ever :)


Friday, July 26, 2013

Do the Dishes. Now.

Lately it has been far too easy for me to make excuses for myself to get out of doing stuff. No time to do the dishes, I have to lay here and watch a movie while I grow a baby. Sorry, I can't cook dinner tonight, I'm busy growing a baby...but feel free to make me some food and bring it to me to eat while I lounge on the sofa. Laundry? Sweeping? Organizing? Cleaning? I'd love to help, but I'm just so busy growing this baby that I guess I can't. Maybe in like 9 months. Except then I'll be busy taking care of a newborn and making food for it 24/7. So...I'll probably just be too busy to do any of that ever again for the rest of my life actually :)

Sometimes I really am too sick or uncomfortable or downright exhausted to do stuff, but now that the worst of the morning sickness is finally behind me, these days when I don't do stuff the culprit is often also laziness.

Meanwhile my wonderful, hard-working, loving, caring, sweet sweet sweet, ever-patient husband has been waking up before me (sometimes I sleep in for another 3 hours...), putting in a full day of hard work, bringing home the bacon, coming home hungry and exhausted with a big long to-do list (and more often than not there is no dinner waiting for him), taking care of all the outside yard work (with absolutely no reminders from me!), enduring my endless whining and ranting and mood swings, treating me like a princess and catering to my every whim, and picking up my slack without even complaining. What a rock star!!

But there just aren't enough hours in the day for him to do everything every day, so the dishes/kitchen area are generally what get neglected. It's really my terrain anyway. I'm home all day and constantly eating snacks or dreaming about what to cook next. I spill crumbs and forget to clean them up. I make way more dishes than Trevor thanks to my multiple mini meals and cooking messes instead of his one massive dinner plate a day (breakfast on the go, and paper dishes for lunch at work). It doesn't take long for things to be a real disaster...and for nearly all of it to be my mess.

The great thing about dishes though is that they will always be there if you put them off. No need to rush and do them now, when you can just do them the next day!...Unless it attracts bugs and your kitchen gets infested...like ours did.

Yesterday night we started attacking the big mess that has been having a party in our kitchen for a long time, and lo and behold, we found all these wriggly scootchy white larvae living there! After a bit of online research, I'm pretty sure they're pantry moths. They sound awful. Blech. I guess that's what I get for being too busy to take care of the dishes when they first happened. An invasion.

So today instead of going on another Friday beach trip with the girls like I did last week, I stayed home and did some deep cleaning. Not too busy today :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where to Send the Money

With our new budget, instead of just trying to spend as little as possible and putting everything we don't spend into savings, I now have a spending allotment! Wahoo! The only problem is now that I have money to save up for stuff I've been wanting, I can't decide what to save up for first!

Things currently on my dream list include:
- a sewing machine!!
- fabric, patterns, equipment, sewing table, lessons, etc. to go with my sewing machine!
- a piano!
- ballet tuition!
- an elliptical or stationary bike and/or gym membership so I can take yoga and use their equipment!
- cute maternity clothes
- makeup lamps and a chair for my new vanity
- a "real" haircut from like a real quality salon
- a massage
- a mani-pedi
- a hammock
- a decent-sized inflatable backyard pool for hot summer days
- a water hammock
- curtains and/or new blinds for the sunroom
- Christmas lights to deck out the sunroom for evening get-togethers
- a trip to Disney World

Right now the things at the top of my list will all take me a couple of months each to save up for individually, and they all have great perks for being first on the list!

If I get a sewing machine I'll hopefully get skills and be able to alter some of my too-big clothes  I've saved into maternity clothes, and I can make curtains and baby clothes and blankets and burp clothes, and I'll have a great hobby to develop and occupy my time while I'm waiting for the baby to come!

If we get a piano (an old, inexpensive, used one of course) I can spend hours playing it (another hobby to keep me busy!) and I can ideally start teaching piano lessons again, assuming I feel well enough. A little extra income never hurt anyone! Least of all a soon-to-be mom who is buying all her baby stuff for the first time! (There sooo much to buy! Holy cow!)

Ballet tuition...does this really need an explanation? It just seems to be a fact of my existence that I absolutely cannot function for very long without ballet in my life. It would only be for a maximum of 1 class a week, but it would help me keep in shape and be stronger while doing what I love and can't live without :)

Having exercise equipment at my house would help keep me motivated to stay in shape too. My doctor said using a stationary bike and elliptical are great low-impact ways to work out without being in danger of losing my balance (growing baby = changing center of gravity and drops in blood pressure when changing positions, etc) or causing injury from lifting weights, running, etc. Plus I can do them inside without having to worry about getting overheated during this hot and steamy Alabama Summer! And yoga is just great for pregnancy and overall well-being in general. I'm guessing giving birth is a LOT more physically taxing than just one ballet class, and after my experience in ballet on Monday, I am faaar far away from being in shape! Gotta be strong and ready!

I guess I'll just have to keep checking out deals for all the big stuff at the top of my list, and see which one ends up winning first! One thing is for sure though...after the baby comes, I DEFINITELY want to do a ballet photo shoot at the beach! We live so close to the beach now that I can't resist! Check these out! https://www.google.com/search?q=beach+ballet+photography&client=firefox-a&hs=liG&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=SMjwUd_8OcLk4AOT8IDQCg&ved=0CC0QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=606 How can you not love them?

So to make that a reality I'll need to keep up on my ballet training (stretching, turn out, strength), and I'll need to stay in shape to keep my muscle tone up and not get too blob-like during my pregnancy so I can get the excess baby fat off reasonably quickly, and I don't currently have any floaty/beachy ballet costumes or anything to wear for the shoot, so there's a great, fun sewing project for me right there! And teaching piano lessons will definitely help me save up enough money for fabric and patterns to sew a costume, and to pay for the photo shoot. So there's my incentive to be great at saving up my money for the big things instead of spending it all on little things!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spiced French Toast

Last night after I survived my first class of ballet since discovering I'm pregnant, I decided I deserved a treat :) The class wasn't even that hard in and of itself, but it was still more than my body is used to, and my legs were waaay shaky even just part of the way though the class and I definitely got way winded really easily! (My calves are super sore today!) Hard work like that merits a reward!

The treat I chose for myself was a trip to Cupcakes Y'all! It's a way cute cupcake boutique with salads and paninis and stuff, and I've been dying to go check it out ever since we moved here and I found out about it!

Me and Trevor have driven past it a couple of times, so we decided to drive there without looking up directions. Like 20 minutes or so later, we caved and actually used the GPS. By the time we actually got there, it had been closed for 15 minutes. Sad day! Too bad we didn't just use directions the first time like Trevor wanted too. My goodness, my advice is terrible sometimes!

In the end, we drove home and made breakfast for dinner, and I'm so glad we did! It was so dang good! And I ate leftover breakfast for dinner for breakfast this morning :)

Trevor made biscuits and gravy and cooked brown sugar/maple sausages. Yum! But the show-stealing part of the meal was the spiced french toast!!

I pulled up some recipes from Pinterest, but in the end I just went with one from Allrecipes.com. (original recipe linked here) Super easy, super quick, super yummy!!

I amped up the cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla just a touch in the batter, and topped the final product with fresh strawberries and bananas, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and a dash of nutmeg. So good!! And I got a bit sugar-crazed and decided to pour some cinnamon syrup on top of the second half. Mmmmmmm. I just might have to make this again this week...

Since I followed the recipe basically exactly, I'm not going to both re-posting it here. Just click on the link :) But FYI, it doesn't make much. It claims to make 6 slices, but we only got 5. I used french bread from a grocery store bakery and I sliced them a bit thick (as you can see in the picture), so that may have been why. But definitely double the recipe! You'll want more :) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby and Ballet

Two super exciting things are happening today!

The first actually already happened. This morning I had my second doctors appointment since I've been pregnant! I finally mustered up the decision-making effort to pick a hospital, doctor's office, and an OB, waited for an available opening, got my records transferred, and went in for my appointment today! The doctor I chose was one that someone from church strongly recommended. He sat down with us and I pulled out my long list of questions to ask him, and he answered every single one very completely without making me feel rushed or stupid or anything. I like him a lot so far. Me and Trevor were kind of hoping that we'd get to do an ultrasound and find out the gender of our little baby today, but it turns out we were a bit too optimistic. He said they can't usually tell for sure until around 18-21 weeks (I'm just under 16 weeks). The good news is, we were able to easily hear the baby's heart beat and it's good and strong! It's so cool to hear :) My vitals are all great, and the nurse said I'm currently about as low-risk as pregnancies come. Yay! They also said I'm "skinny enough" that we shouldn't have a problem finding out the gender 2 weeks from today, even though I'll be just under 18 weeks!! And according to their scale, I only weigh 107. That's like...not a ton more than usual, and less than I weighed last August. Bah. I still feel like a whale. And I've definitely gained noticeable weight (plus a growing baby bump), even if the numbers aren't showing it at the moment. Probably thanks to muscle atrophy from laying in bed for the past several months instead of my nice toned ballet muscles.

And speaking of ballet muscles...I'm going to get some back! I'm going to ballet today! I went and checked out a studio near my house where one of my new friends teaches, and they were very understanding of my situation and worked out a 10-class punchcard deal and told me I could take their company class since there currently isn't an adult ballet class. It's a pretty small studio and it really doesn't look all that promising, but then again, neither do I right now! So it may end up being perfect :) They also said it would be ok for me to come in shorts and a tank top or whatever I want to wear since my ballet stuff doesn't fit my currently not-so-sleek-or-trim-or-toned body. Today is my trial class to see if I want to buy the punchcard, and it's also my first time dancing in over 2 months! And it starts in just over an hour from now! I probably won't be able to do much, but I'm still super excited! Now I just need to find something to wear, and stretch out a bit...for the first time in months...haha oh boy, this class is probably going to be a train wreck! Oh well :)

And my secret #3 exciting thing is that I'm going to make some sort of awesome dessert tonight! And probably eat most of it too. I haven't decided what to bake yet, but the baby will probably tell me exactly what it wants once I finish with ballet, so I'm not too worried about deciding :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Kids and Little Old Ladies

Just thought I'd share a few funny random little things I overheard at church the past few weeks :)

A bunch of old ladies greeting each other before church as they walked into the chapel:
(yes, I did pull out my notebook to write down bits of their conversation. There is just something I find ridiculously amusing about little old ladies with strong southern accents!)

- "How are you doing?" "Good. I haven't passed out yet this week."
- "I'm hangin in there like a hair on a biscuit"
- "Howdy. Howdy, howdy, howdy. You gotta come over sometime and get some of my tomatas"
- "What's cookin'? A chicken that used to be a'walkin?"
- "You got a cowlick (calic? however you spell it). Someone's gotta spit on it. Momma's spit can fix anything. Hair stylin', it's a cleaner..." "My daughter told me she's tired of bein' spit on."

  Little gems from the class of 5-year-old kids that we teach each week:

- me: "who knows what 'doctrine' means?" kid: "it's like...Dr. Who?"
- "If my great-grandma died, it wouldn't matter. I have seven more."
- kid staring at me and Trevor: "Is he your dad?" me: "No, he's my husband." kid: *keeps staring suspiciously and shaking his head no
- after separating two particularly rambunctious boys for being rowdy during the lesson and moving my chair between the two of them, one of them comes over to whisper in my ear, "Um, uh, you're really pretty!". Nice try kid, but flattery will not ease your punishment!

And to finish up with something a bit more meaningful (after all, this is church I'm talking about here), a little kid (maybe about 7 years old?) said this in his testimony in sacrament meeting:

- "I know that we can be happy, even when it's hard. I know that even if we're not happy, we can be happy again." 

Such simple, yet profound, words :) Love it!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Friday

Yet another busy, full day of doing stuff that kept me off my laptop and off of the internet! Well...by "busy" and "full" I mean sleeping in until 10 and then driving to the beach with some girl friends, setting out our stuff on the sand just in time for us to put sunblock on before a storm rolled in and we had to leave (but not before something in the sky had time to poop green slime on my arm, neck, and shirt). So we spent the next while walking around in all the shops and boutiques near the beach, smelling all the different scents of incense and trying free samples of fudge and specialty olive oils before heading back home.

I got home around 5 and discovered that my husband had done the dishes for me! They've been shamefully neglected for the past couple of days, and the situation was getting pretty intense, so coming home to a clean kitchen was a nice, big, happy surprise! Then instead of dinner we split a way good donut that I got at this little donut shop on the way to the beach, and watched Dr. Who and ate snacks.

Life is good :)

And I did actually do something smart and productive...around 9:30 pm. The grocery store is having a major sale on ground beef and it's only $1.99/lb right now, so I went and bought a ton and cooked it all up, separated it into 1 lb baggies, and froze it. Me and my freezer full of beef are ready for action!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I'm Proud of Myself for Failing Yesterday

Oh dang. Two days ago I decided to start my "30 days to greatness!" and post in my blog every single day for 30 days! And then yesterday...I didn't post anything. That's right, day 2 and I already failed.

But that's ok! Because I can start again today! And you know why I didn't post anything yesterday? Because I actually got up and did something with my life yesterday! Instead of sitting around all day feeling sick and icky and having nothing but my laptop and Netflix to keep me company (so it's easy to just pull up my blog and write and not even have to move), I was productive! I cleaned off one of the counters that has been cluttered and gross since we moved in, and I made myself a healthy lunch, and I actually showered and put on makeup and got dressed (a MAJOR accomplishment, just ask Trevor :), and I baked divine cookies, and I tried a new recipe that ended up being a super duper yummy healthy(ish) dinner! And I earned a few dollars online!

And I went out on an adventure! Yep, I actually left the house! I went to my new OBGYN office for the first time to drop something off and got lost driving around for about a half hour despite having looked up directions and writing them down...and following them. I had to stop and ask for directions a couple of times, but I got there eventually! And I walked in just as they were closing...only to discover that I forgot to bring the information I was supposed to give them! Oops...haha And I went the library and got a card and checked out a good baby book, and I got a coupon for a free redbox! So I went and got Rise of the Guardians for us to watch as a mid-week date last night :)

So, even though I failed at my 30-day challenge yesterday, I'd say I actually still won at being a better, happier, more-fulfilled person :) So now I'm re-starting today!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

30 Days to Greatness!

If you haven't heard of TED talks, your life is not nearly as enriched as it could be!! They've got these great videos of motivational and informative talks by tons of speakers about everything under the sun! Some are as short as 3 minutes, and some are nice and long, but all of them are awesome! I've only ever seen one that I didn't love, and it was only because I personally didn't happen to agree with the speaker's idea.

No matter the topic of the talk, I nearly always end up inspired to do something more or to do something differently after watching one! Even if it's just being inspired to someday be a less-awful public speaker :)

My current favorite talk/video (they're all so good it's hard to keep a favorite for long!) is one I just watched for the first time. It's only 3 minutes long. Short, sweet, and powerful. The idea behind it is that you can do anything for 30 days. The time will pass regardless of whether or not you are choosing to change yourself or be something more, so use the 30 days to start doing that thing you always wanted to do, and start becoming the you that you want to be! And do it for 30 days! Then if it's a habit you've been meaning to start, it will be established! If it's a task you've been meaning to do, it will be done! You can only end up winning :)

Here's the link: http://www.ted.com/talks/matt_cutts_try_something_new_for_30_days.html?source=facebook#.UeWNx_JSOkJ.facebook

Like I said, it's only 3 minutes long, so you really don't have any excuse to not watch it right now and be inspired :) And then click around and watch the other awesome videos on the site while you're there!!

I kind of tried to do something similar to this 30-day challenge with my new year's resolutions this year - except by treating the year as 12 1-month segments. That...kind of crumbled into dust lately with all the major changes our little family has been going through. I also had a lot of perhaps overly-ambitious goals :)

That doesn't mean I can't be better than I am now though! So I am starting this 30-day challenge today! For the next 30 days I will blog every. single. day! I've been meaning to be much more regular about blogging for a long long time, but it's a bit daunting. I get all these ideas and write them down in a big list, but never actually blog about them. But I can do it for 30 days! I can think of 30 things to write about! And I can sacrifice an hour a day (or however long it takes) of watching Dr. Who, or playing a few rounds of Candy Crush Saga, or watching some cat videos on youtube, or whatever else is clogging up my time unproductively!

30 days from now, Karin will be a better writer, a more consistent blogger, better at managing her time productively, better at organizing her thoughts, and will have 30 posts explaining and cataloging her ideas, memories, experiences, and other random stuff :) I can't wait!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saving Money with a Super Sale :)

Over the past few days Trevor has been re-doing our budget to take into consideration our new income and new expenses. Now that we have some actual data on what to expect for utilities and everything, our numbers and percentages are a lot more accurate, and...unfortunately our bills are a lot more than we predicted! And now that we've done the breakdown of our receipts to see how much money we're spending on which items, it's pretty apparent that we spend waaaay more money on groceries than we need to be spending.

We figured out a new and improved budget to cover all the essentials, set aside a significant pre-designanted amount for savings each month, start a baby fund (!) and a travel fund (gotta get lots of trips in before the baby comes!) and a fund for a second car, and still have some spending money left over for each of us! I'm pretty happy with it!

In order to follow our budget and be able to save up in the funds we want to, we're going to have to be really smart with our money. We are already pretty thrifty, but now we're going into hyper drive! Bring on the couponing, bargain hunting, deal shopping, thrifting, selling junk on craigslist-ing, planning inexpensive dinners, and cheap/free dates!

I've recently signed up with several coupon sites, deal sites, and free sample sites, as well as starting using a few safe sites that feature great deals and pay me for surveys, watching ads, using their coupons, etc. In just the past few days I've earned about $15!

Which brings me to the deal I found that sparked my interest in writing this post in the first place!

I opened my email this morning to discover a link to this WAY cute mint, coral, lavender, and yellow striped maxi dress (great for various stages of pregnancy, and for after I deliver :) from Sexy Modest marked down from $54.99 to only $12.99!!!  It's just too good of a deal to not share! Only 26 left! The perfect reward for my online earnings this past week. I just bought one and I can't wait to wear it :)


The image isn't copiable, so just click on the link to see it! I'm not getting any sort of incentive for posting about this, fyi, just spreading good news. Little things get me excited these days :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Being Productive on Facebook Today

Yep, you read that right, I was actually productive today while I was on facebook! Ok, technically it's more like potentially productive. I must admit, my facebook perusing started off by figuring out my super hero name (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=518381558217215&set=a.417173935004645.117625.143729952349046&type=1&theater check it out! haha ok...it's not that great, but when you're bored a little bit can go a long way)...which lead to me figuring out the super hero names of my husband, everyone in my immediate family, some other people...I was having a bit too much fun :) Then I kept on browsing down my newsfeed, stalking my friends as any good friend/normal person does, and lo and behold, I found a very useful blog post linked by one of my friends!


The first part about groceries and stuff is good information, but the part I'm excited about is further down into her post. She lists a bunch of ways to help supplement income when you're too sick to do anything other than lay around and pass the time on the internet! Story of my life!

I don't know the author of the post, but I sure can relate a lot to the situation she is describing!! Although Trevor is now employed and making much more than I was back when we were in Utah (plus we don't have to worry about tuition for the next year. yay!), our housing expenses and utilities have increased significantly since we moved out on our own, we have to save up for the baby that is coming soon, the cost of graduate school is probably in our near future so there's another major thing to save up for, being a 1-car family with a baby just doesn't seem smart or safe so we need to save up for another car, our nice inexpensive phone plan doesn't work well at all out here so that expense is about to increase, plus moving across the country is expensive in itself and moving into our new place brought extra expenses like having to buy a washer and dryer (those things aren't cheap!), a lawn mower, outdoor yard care stuff (brooms, rake, hose etc), a sofa set for the living room, a vanity/makeup table because there isn't any counter space in the bathroom, pest control, several more bookcases to store our books/dvds/games and also to use as a pantry since the house doesn't have one, etc. (fortunately, we are both used to being frugal, and neither of us had any debt when we got married and we have worked hard to make sure that has always been the case, while always having a good bit of savings stashed away)

I also struggle with my health, and I've been having lots of morning sickness challenges on top of that, so trying to find a job is just completely out of the question for me. That means I spend all day laying on the couch or in bed eating food we paid for and running up our electric bill while doing nothing of use while I watch our precious income trickle (it feels more like gush!) constantly and uncontrollably out of our bank account. It's really stressful! My fun mood-swings from the hormones and stuff sure help to make it even more of an anxiety-inducing experience. Not to mention it doesn't do much for my self-esteem to suddenly go from being the bread-winner and homemaker in addition to using my talents/interests as the ward choir accompanist and spending several hours a week in ballet classes and rehearsals preparing for an upcoming performance...to being a class-A bump on a log around the house and considering it a major victory if I manage to make dinner or do the dishes over the course of the entire day.

The good news is the morning sickness is starting to get better! That means instead of hating life and going into survival mode while wishing I could just fast-forward in time, now I'm feeling guilty for all this wasted time but I'm still not feeling well enough to actually be especially productive. Blah.

Well thanks to the blog post I linked above, now I have a few ways to actually help out with the financial situation while I lay around feeling icky! A ways into her post she lists and links several good companies/websites she has used to earn money while being sick and pregnant! Surveys, writing reviews for songs or commercials, scanning items, etc. She also lists realistically how much they pay, what is required from you, how you get the payment, and her experience using the site. Great trustworthy information! It's not the equivalent of actually having a job. Not by a long shot. Most of them are more like nickel and dime situations, but it all adds up. Plus some of them actually do pay more substantial amounts. Regardless, it's still a way for me to at least feel like I am able to help out instead of just dumping money down the drain, and it will give me at least some feeling of productivity and control over things :) And that sounds soooo wonderful!! So I'm off to make some money!

...and by "off" I actually mean I'm going to continue laying here and just click on a different site that will pay me a little something to spend time there :)