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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What $25 Can Buy

I spent the first 5 hours of my day dancing my little heart out at rehearsal, and the next bit being an awesome little yardsaler with my Trevor! My mom and her sisters are in town this week for Women's Conference, so we all spent the early afternoon together perusing the sales and digging for treasure. So much fun! And I was so pleased with our money savingness today that I went ahead and took pictures right when we got home. Here are our spoils from today! And please keep in mind, all of this collectively cost us a whopping $25. I'm really getting into this whole thrifting thing :)

A dress, cardigan, nice full white skirt, tan striped tank top, jeans, ballet warm-up wrapped sweater, and another shirt. Good brands and nearly all like-new!

 Three T-shirts for Trevor, some shorts for church basketball, and a like-new American Eagle button-down. 

Lots of binders for graduate school next year, a Pampered Chef cookbook, a Mrs. Fields cookie recipe book (which I am dying to try out!), and a bunch of others :)

Some kitcheny stuff we've been needing for awhile plus some fun stuff, a bin to organize stuff in our bathroom, and a cute little pink digital camera from many years ago.

A digital bathroom scale (way nicer than our current one), bright magenta floor lamp (I disassembled it for the picture. We have a matching set in black and blue), Magic Chef bread machine that I can't wait to try, and a sub woofer. Yes, another one. Trevor decided that he needs one to hook up to his computer sound system too. We tested it out a bit ago and it sounds pretty awesome :)

I also bought a pair of brown and gold flats, but I got overambitious and put them away right when we got home and forgot to include them in the pictures. And we got an extra dustpan for sweeping up grass after mowing the lawn...but who wants to see a picture of a dustpan? 

Altogether we bought 39 items for $25. Not too shabby :)

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