"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What $25 Can Buy

I spent the first 5 hours of my day dancing my little heart out at rehearsal, and the next bit being an awesome little yardsaler with my Trevor! My mom and her sisters are in town this week for Women's Conference, so we all spent the early afternoon together perusing the sales and digging for treasure. So much fun! And I was so pleased with our money savingness today that I went ahead and took pictures right when we got home. Here are our spoils from today! And please keep in mind, all of this collectively cost us a whopping $25. I'm really getting into this whole thrifting thing :)

A dress, cardigan, nice full white skirt, tan striped tank top, jeans, ballet warm-up wrapped sweater, and another shirt. Good brands and nearly all like-new!

 Three T-shirts for Trevor, some shorts for church basketball, and a like-new American Eagle button-down. 

Lots of binders for graduate school next year, a Pampered Chef cookbook, a Mrs. Fields cookie recipe book (which I am dying to try out!), and a bunch of others :)

Some kitcheny stuff we've been needing for awhile plus some fun stuff, a bin to organize stuff in our bathroom, and a cute little pink digital camera from many years ago.

A digital bathroom scale (way nicer than our current one), bright magenta floor lamp (I disassembled it for the picture. We have a matching set in black and blue), Magic Chef bread machine that I can't wait to try, and a sub woofer. Yes, another one. Trevor decided that he needs one to hook up to his computer sound system too. We tested it out a bit ago and it sounds pretty awesome :)

I also bought a pair of brown and gold flats, but I got overambitious and put them away right when we got home and forgot to include them in the pictures. And we got an extra dustpan for sweeping up grass after mowing the lawn...but who wants to see a picture of a dustpan? 

Altogether we bought 39 items for $25. Not too shabby :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Kind of Email You Want to Get

My inbox currently has 6,449 emails. Mostly unread, and nearly entirely junk mail. Yeah, I know. I sign up for waaaay too many things, and they all want me read their stuff, and I usually just leave it there and don't bother going in and deleting it. I'm lazy that way :) So "checking my email" usually entails scrolling through the junk mail and occasionally finding a cool recipe or something.

BUT in the past few days I have gotten a couple of really awesome emails! On April 26th my little brother got his mission call!! He's going to be a missionary! We watched him open it via Skype so we already knew about it, but my parents still sent out an email to everyone in the extended family, including us. And that is definitely a great life-changing email! I also got email updates as various family members congratulated him, and an email asking for prayers and a special fast for one of my cousins who is currently serving as a missionary and is having some health problems. That's not good news, but the fact that all the aunts and uncles in my extended family have great relationships with each other, and are all active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who believe in the power of fasting and prayer, and who will all support each other and pray for each other is awesome! Such a blessing to have such a great strong family!!

And last, but definitely not least, is an email thread that started this Monday. It is actually to Trevor, but I helped him compose his email, and it affects me a ton too, so I'm counting it as mine :)

First, a little background information. Due to several reasons (I've blogged about them before, so I'll refrain in this post. Just go back a few posts if you're curious :), Trevor is planning on applying to BYU for his Masters degree in acoustics next year. That means he has an unplanned year off before graduate school, and it needs to be filled with related work or research and publications and stuff to beef up his application, keep him sharp, and keep his resume/applications from having a dead empty year. He hasn't had much luck finding a job that meets his needs (1-car family, needs to be related to his field, needs to not require a graduate degree, needs to have medical benefits, needs to be ok with him leaving after 1 year, etc), and there probably aren't going to be enough research opportunities through BYU to keep him as busy as he wants to be once he finishes the projects he's working on right now. Kind of frustrating.

While at BYU's Physics department's luncheon after convocation this weekend, one of the professors Trevor did research with last semester walked by and said hi. Trevor mentioned that he was interested in researching impulse sound, and the professor said he happened to know a guy who studied that who might be hiring. That was literally all the information we had. No idea what the position even was, or what company it was for, or anything. So I helped Trevor construct a nice little about-me cover letter/email to send with his resume asking what the position was and if it was still open. His response was basically "It's still available. When can you start?"

We have been emailing back and forth a bit to find out more information, but as it stands, Trevor has submitted an application and we're just waiting for the letters of recommendation for it to be complete. He hasn't been made an offer yet, but based on what the guy (I can't remember his name or title. Oops) has been saying, things are sounding pretty promising!

So...things might be completely turning around for us! A job in sunny, warm Alabama, out East and closer to my family will be nice! Also, the position is doing exactly what Trevor is interested in, and having an extra year of real-world experience to supplement your college education never hurt anyone! Plus there is a possibility they might help pay for graduate school, and one of Trevor's top 10 schools is very close to where he would be located. This could also be a great time for me to quit working so we can start a family. All kinds of good stuff! And this situation basically just fell out of thin air in the past few days!

It's still a bit early to start getting too excited and making plans. None of it is certain, and there are a few important things we still need to find out, but we're still happy :)

Oh, and Trevor looked up the location on LDS.org and found out that we'd probably be in the Enterprise Ward. If that isn't a sign that this is a good idea, I don't know what is ;)