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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 12 Dancing Princesses and Everlasting Nailpolish

Remember that classic fairy tale where the 12 princess sneak out to a fancy ball every night and dance until they wear holes in their shoes? That was me yesterday. Except I didn't wear holes through my shoes, I wore holes in my feet...in the form of ruptured blisters.

Fortunately blisters heal. What I'm more concerned about is that I also danced holes in my toe pads! BOTH of them! And they are brand new!! :(

Well technically I bought them like a month ago once Cinderella rehearsals were in full swing and it was time to dance en pointe again. But I hurt my knee (first a sprain/strain in my medial collateral ligament, then some mild injury behind my kneecap), and we didn't have rehearsal the week of General Conference, and I think I was feeling sickish for one or two rehearsals...etc. etc. Long story short, I wore them for the first time to a mini rehearsal on Tuesday, and Saturday was my first full-blown rehearsal in them. They're a new kind of toe pad I haven't tried before, and I really like them! Much more cushy than several other kinds I've tried, but not so thick that I can't feel the floor. They do have one major downside though...

After about an hour or so of dancing they looked like this:

No no no!!! Not my new pretty pink toe pads :(

Bad news, folks. Toe pads in this condition don't quite cut the pain.

I bought them online from Discount Dancewear, and they were very apologetic and sent out a free replacement pair that I should be getting here in the next few days. We'll see how the new ones work. Hopefully better than the first pair!

On a happier note, unlike my feet and toe pads that apparently get holes quite easily, I bought this cheap neon pink nail polish on a whim and I painted my toenails last Tuesday. Nearly a week, several days of wearing tight flats with no socks, a ballet technique class, and 2 rehearsals on pointe later...and my neon pink toenails still show basically no signs of wear! They still look almost freshly painted! As every ballet dancer knows, that is saying something. Never in my life have I experienced this. It's nice to know at least one of my pink foot-related purchases can take a pounding :)

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