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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, April 8, 2013

Soup for the Sick

Today was a gray, cloudy, rainy, chilly, and otherwise blah yuck Spring day. Snow is even in the forecast for tonight :( And my Trevor is a sick puppy. A sick puppy who still has to go to school and do homework. All that plus the fact that I actually had time to do stuff since I didn't have to cut 11 hours out of my day for work (the chiropractor I work for is recovering from back surgery. I know, I know, the irony is killing me too), means today is a soup day :) 

I had a few pre-soup adventures today while Trevor was busy being smart and productive at school. No work means no work clothes, which means pink and polka dots are in order! I also decided it was high time to have some glitter fun! So I painted a clear glass plate, as well as a clear plastic "glass slipper" decoration I have.

My new favorite dessert plate!

While I was at it I painted the soles of my hot pink wedding shoes sparkly too! Not super thick, just a nice bit of sparkle. The world is a happier place here now :)

 Just a tiny sneaky bit of glitz :)

The pictures didn't turn out super well, but you get the idea :)

And I added a bit more bright happy joy with an arrangement of bright silk flowers I put together for the kitchen table with the bits of things I found while going through boxes last night. And by "arrangement" what I really mean is that I randomly clumped different sprigs of fake flowers together and stuck them in a vase. Those of you with any sort of floral artistic ability...please close your eyes.

I did some cleaning up too, and started the spider poison spray-down after finding the first big hairy spider monster of the season.

first blood. dead as a doornail.

The library was calling my name today too. There's just something about libraries. So much to learn! So much to imagine and discover! Gah! I could just live there and be such a happy girl! It blows my mind how easy it is for me to fall back into the mindset that I don't like reading. I have a hard time concentrating on reading, so I'll go for months - or more often for years - without picking up a book other than my scriptures or an occasional textbook, and be fine with it. Then I just walk into a library and I remember the truth again :) I love to read! One of the patients at work told me about a book she's reading by choreographer Twyla Tharp called The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. Another patient told me his favorite book at the moment is The Alchemist. I went in with the intention of getting both, but neither one was available. As I was walking out, the shelves sucked me in, and I just couldn't leave without taking a few of the books with me! Now I have four books to read in addition to the other two. I don't know when I'll ever find the time to finish reading them all since I have to go back to work soon, but I do know when I'm going to start. Tonight!

I didn't make it out the library doors without grabbing a few DVD's either. Three dance ones, and The Testaments. Trevor and I have been studying the Book of Mormon together before bed. Right now we're in 3rd Nephi right around the time Christ visits the Americas, so it's pretty much exactly what we've been reading about! We cuddled up under our blankets with our soup and grilled cheese and watched it for FHE earlier this evening. Perfect :)

...Which leads me back to the soup. I had ambitions to make a nice, hearty, from-scratch soup. Let's be honest though; glitterizing things was much more important. So I took the shorter canned soup route. Many moons ago I was the Compassionate Service Committee chairman (chairperson? chairgirl?) back when Swine Flu was a big deal. So me and my committee put together care packages of chicken soup and tissues and the like. Not all of them got used (hardly any of them actually), so I ended up inheriting several cans of soup at the end of the school year. I still have them. Just last week I found out someone in the ward was sick so I was going to take them one of my many cans of chicken soup, but someone else had a can that was more handy. Thank goodness for that! Because today I opened one of the cans and noticed some small moldy-looking grey blobs floating in the corner and on the top of the can. Totally weird. I opened another can; it had the same thing. Gross! Defective soup!

 the chunks look way bigger in real life

And then it occurred to me...I bought those cans at the beginning of a school year, and I didn't even meet Trevor until after the following school year had started, and we didn't get married until almost a year after that, and we've been married for almost 2 years now...so that is some really old soup! I'm not quite sure how that evaded me.

I guess it just looked so at home with all of my grandparents' old food storage...like these cans of chili con carne from 2003

and this powdered sugar from - that's right - 1980.

Anyways, after I discovered that all my cans of soup were ancient and no good, dinner was saved by my husband who bought soup a couple months ago despite the fact that I told him not to because we had so many cans already. Good thing he forgot!

So we eventually had a can of good chicken noodle soup. But that wasn't good enough for me to serve to my poor sick hungry husband! He is in need of a good nourishment! Not just salt water and soggy noodles!

The solution? Dress it up :) We added a cup each of fresh celery and carrots, a fresh clove of minced garlic (that stuff gives colds a good hard punch or two), 1/2 cup chopped onions, 1 Tb of dried parsley, and a couple shakes of basil and oregano, and simmered it for a bit while we made grilled pepperjack cheese sandwiches on multigrain bread, seasoned with Morton's Nature's Seasons. Goodness gracious. Sooooo delicious!!! I do believe I have come up with a new favorite sick-day recipe :) You'd think since I took so many picture of gross old food, I would have at least taken a picture of the good yummy food. Nope. It didn't even occur to me. We gobbled/slurped it all up quick, it was just that good.

Unfortunately, it didn't magically cure my Trevor. But fortunately we have chocolate to cheer him up :)

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