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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Progress Evaluation #1 :)

It's time for my first New Year's Resolution progress evaluation!

Goal #1: Draw closer to my Savior, strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father, and grow stronger in my personal testimony.

Plan #1: Set aside more time for scripture study, study with Preach My Gospel, and study for a predetermined length of time a day and number of pages and log it.

How did I do?: Well, I haven't logged anything, I haven't finished reading the New Testament (my scripture study goal from 2012) so I haven't started using Preach My Gospel regularly, I haven't decided on a length of time or number of pages yet, and I'm still not setting aside nearly as much time as I want to for scripture study. Not incredible progress in the plan section; however, I do feel like I've made progress on my goal. I also gave a talk in church this past Sunday and spent a good deal of time studying and preparing for it (including using Preach My Gospel), and I've been listening to some really great talks about Joseph Smith with Trevor. So I'd say my compliance with my plan could pretty much only improve from here, but I still think I've made some good progress toward my end goal despite that :)

Goal #2: Take better care of my wonderful body by eating better.

Plan #2: Make and take 5 pre-packed healthy lunches a month, have 1 pre-planned healthy dinner a week, and 1 food log day a week, and keep track of them all on a checklist.

How did I do?: Yikes. I still haven't make a checklist, and I'm not doing so great on eating better. I'm sure I've made a pre-planned healthy dinner, and 5 pre-packed healthy lunches this month, but I haven't kept track so it doesn't count. And I sure haven't done any food log days! It's a good thing there are still 8 more days this month for me to make at least some progress on this one!

Goal #3: Take better care of my body by exercising more.

Plan #3: 2 hours of exercise each week. 30 minutes needs to be cardio, and a ballet or yoga class only counts as 30 minutes of exercise.

How did I do?: There's room for improvement, but I actually did something notable for this one! Yay! Me and Trevor took "before" pictures of our abs and arms on January 30th, and since then I've been trying to do pushups, crunches, and sometimes planks every night. A little 10-minute workout isn't much, but it's becoming a habit, aaaaaaand I've been super good at documenting it! I've only done it 10 of the past 21 days, but still, that's 275 pushups and 1165 crunches so far! I've only gone to ballet 3 times this month thanks to the way scheduling has worked out plus not feeling good and all that jazz, I've done 1 20-minute yoga video, and I haven't done any cardio. Room for improvement? Big yes. Good progress though? Definitely :)

Goal #4: Project downsize and organize.

Plan #4: 4 boxes and 10 throw/give aways per month.

How did I do?: Um. I got zip so far. But the month is not yet over! There's still time to get through 4 boxes and give some stuff away, I just need to get on it!

Goal #5: Clean house maintenance.

Plan #5: Have a cleaning chart, and have 15 successfully checked off days per month.

How did I do?: Still no chart. And there aren't 15 days left, so this one for sure won't get completed this month. I have had some good cleaning/chores days, but none are documented. Gotta get this started!

Goal #6: Increase in creativity and learning!

Plan #6: Do one project a month and blog about it.

How did I do?: I did a project! Me and Trevor made a stop-motion video for a date and uploaded it onto youtube! I haven't blogged about it yet, but I'm super close to actually achieving one of my goals 100% this month! yay!

Goal #7: Report on my progress

Plan #7: On the last or first day of the month, report on my progress.

How did I do?: Well, it's only the 21st and I've already reported my mid-month progress. So I'd say I'm doing pretty good on this one!

I'm thinking I've got my work cut out for me for this last week of the month! There's a lot to get done, and a lot of room for improvement for next month! I was really hoping to have made better progress, but I am pretty proud of myself for even making it this far, not gonna lie. The fact that I actually wrote out my goals and came up with plans for them in the first place is pretty good for me! And realizing how far short of the mark I am right now is giving me some good incentive :) I'd say probably the most important thing for me to accomplish before the end of this month is to get my checklists made so I can start off next month on the right foot! Onward and Upward!

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