"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 10-minute Timer

So...I'm not the most organized girl on the planet, and I'm not the most efficient at getting things done. And there's always so much more that I want to do that I feel overwhelmed and just avoid my whole to-do list, and then I'm even more behind than before! I also have this terribly unproductive habit of starting off my several hours of work with a few minutes of play...which ends up being mostly play and then I still have all my stuff to do at the end because I'm still procrastinating. So my current solution that I'm going to try is a 10-minute To-Do list. I can handle 10 minutes. That's short enough to not be horrible, and 10 minutes every day adds up and establishes habit! Yay! Plus, if I start off with just 10 minutes of something productive, those 10 minutes are much more likely to end up being longer and even more stuff gets done :)

My 10-minute To-Do list for every day this week is as follows:
- 10 minutes of stretching
- 10 minutes of one of my many exercise regimens on my Pinterest board that I have yet to try
- 10 minutes of dishes and kitchen beautification
- 10 minutes of project downsize and organize
- 10 minutes of planning and packing a healthy lunch (eat better, and a less-stressful morning
- 10 minutes of good solid uninterrupted scripture study
- 10 minutes of self-improvement (piano, reading, learning to use my camera, etc.)

So there it is. Just 70 minutes a day in 10-minute bites, and several important bases that I'm trying to cover at the moment get at least touched on! And hopeful more than that! One week from today, we'll see how much more awesome I can be :)

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