"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Day During Lunch...

During lunch today I said something at the same time as Trevor. Being the very mature, well-behaved gentleman that he is, he shouted "Jinx!!!", and our lovely conversation came to an abrupt halt. I guess all the stress of being a married man now with a big-kid family ward church calling, and a hard job, and all the grown-up things he's having to do for graduation and graduate school applications has made him forget elementary school or something, because once he jinxed me, he couldn't remember how to un-jinx me.

I, however, have not forgotten. Unfortunately I was jinxed so I couldn't tell him. And because I am not so very grown up that I have forgotten the seriousness of being jinxed, I went for over 2 hours this afternoon without saying a single word :) It sure does make for a pretty quiet day when it's just a guy and his mute jinxed wife hanging out all afternoon.

And then I forgot that I was jinxed for a second and accidentally said something. So I figured since I already broke the rules, I might as well tell him how to un-jinx me. And now I can talk again! The end :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Theme Song

Once upon a time, me and my roommates wanted more dates.

Solution: make "Kiss the Girl" our apartment theme song, but we re-wrote it and changed the lyrics to "Ask the Girl" and it was about asking girls at BYU on dates. It even got made into a music video, that's how awesome it was :)

That was the definitely one of the most date-intensive school year of my BYU experience! And it culminated with me and one of my roommates both getting boyfriends half-way through Winter semester.

So 6 months later when we had both just ended failed fairly serious 6-month relationships, one of our other roommates had broken up with her boyfriend just a few months earlier, and our other roommate was also single, we were all feeling a bit negative about the whole boy situation.

Solution: make "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble our new apartment theme song!

Less than a week later, I met my husband. No joke :D

My initial disinterest in my Trevor quickly subsided, and in less than a month I was hopelessly smitten and boyfriended again! About 2 weeks into our official datingness, Trevor decided that we needed a song to be our song. So we started flipping through random radio stations to get ideas as we drove to Sammy's (LOVE!). Just as we pulled up, we happened upon a new song neither of us had heard before and both of us liked. A couple of lines later the song got to the chorus...and it turned out it was "Marry Me" by Train. So then we started joking that it was our song.

And lo and behold, we got married! Clearly there is something to this whole theme song prediction of the future thing!

Right now Trevor is heavily swamped in the marshlands of homework, work, GRE, grad school applications, capstone project stuff, job applications and interviews, church calling stuff, research, and all the millions of other things that are going on, and we're trying to make it through with good grades and good career and/or grad school options because our future financial security and job security, and the direction of our lives, and overall life happiness and everlasting bliss and all that will hinge greatly on what happens and what gets decided in these next few rough months.

SO. We need a theme song! A good one about success and awesomeness!

Both of us thought of "If I Were a Rich Man" immediately. But...I don't really want a yard full of ducks and turkeys and geese, or a proper double chin.

Trevor's current theme song of choice is "Survival" by Muse. I hate that song. It gives me a headache. But the video really is a lot like what this final semester feels like! So until we find something better, Trevor's gonna survive, and he's gonna win, yes, he's gonna win!