"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, October 7, 2012

...And All the Awkwardness of 10 First Dates

So this one time this really cool guy I like asked me out on a date. Halloween was coming up and he wanted to make an awesome costume, and I wanted to make an awesome costume, and we needed to buy stuff for our costumes. Dinner and dress-up shopping with a cute boy. Not a bad date!

He had a lot of homework, and I had work, so we couldn't start our date until lateish, and we were both starving and the stores were closing soon. The 'dinner' part of our date was the drive through at Taco Bell. Cheap, yummy, fast!

We started eating in the car on the way to the Halloween costume store and discovered that Taco Bell got our entire order wrong. Instead of the fresco sauce stuff like we requested, they gave us cheddar on everything. I'm lactose intolerant and he's a cheddar hater. Problem. After picking out a bunch of the cheese, I started to just eat it anyway, and realized as I finished my last bite, that greasy, juicy, orangy taconess had dripped through the wrapper and all over my seat belt and my shirt, tank top, and jeans. (Which were fresh out of the wash, I might add! Yes, I did attempt to look somewhat cute for my hot date :) Gross!! And we hadn't even started the real part of our date!

My attempts to clean myself up a bit with the napkins and water weren't incredibly effective. And I ended up accidentally spilling water all over my lap in the process. I accomplished this wonderful feat just as we pulled up to the parking lot of the Halloween costume store...only to discover that it wasn't the store we thought it was...and it was actually a temporary haunted house that wasn't even open for another week or two.

We opted to go to the craft store next door to look for supplies, and actually found a lot of cool stuff! Too bad I looked like I peed my pants, and had orangey grease stains on my shirt, and smelled like an old taco the whole time! Geez, can't take me anywhere! Good thing we're already married since I'm clearly not so great at being impressive on dates.

But all's well that ends well though I suppose, and after a successful supply shopping trip, our comedy of errors finally ended with a phone call to Taco Bell about the incorrect order, and they told us to come back and they gave us our correct order totally free! Aaaand they even threw in some of those delightful cinnamon twisties for free too :D

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