"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Girl Who Wore Dresses

Once upon a time there was a little girl who like to wear dresses. All the time. Because she was a princess :)

I think it's pretty safe to say I have a princess complex. And if I see a princess dress, I HAVE to buy it!! And wear it!! Ok so maybe it's not quite that bad. I do understand the limits of my budget, and all my dresses except 2 (my wedding dress, and my first dress :) were pre-owned and were marked waaaay down (the most expensive one was $50), so despite my entire closet full of princess dresses, I really haven't forked over that much money.

 But still, I own far more dresses and costumes than any normal girl should, and I love it! Few things make me happier than getting all decked out and fabulous! And so, in honor of Halloween approaching, and in tribute to my wonderful dress collection and the many other lovely costumes and dresses I have had the privilege of wearing over the past 4 years, I have put together this compilation!

 First off, one of my absolute favorite dresses! My Gisele dress! A white designer quinceanera gown with exquisitely intricate beadwork on the gown and bodice, and a monstrously huge petticoated skirt! (I added the tacky poofy sleeves myself for my costume, and it looks blue because I was at a blacklight party:) I looked it up online, and it's worth around $400-$500, and I got it like-new from ebay for $50. That was a good day in my life!

 Can a skirt be too big? I don't think so.

Ok so this next one isn't really a dress. Just a skirt. But it also functions as a blanket, wings, hideout, tent, etc. Soooo fun to wear! And it's hot pink! And it made a great gypsy costume!

Those $6 were well-spent if you ask me.


And of course I can't leave out my lovely wedding dress :)

 And my competition ballroom dress! (the red one :)

And my dress that I wore when Trevor proposed!

...and then had panels added to the skirt so I could wear it while for our ballroom first dance at our wedding! Definitely another one at the top of my list of favorites! Oh, and did I mention I bought it on a whim from the thrift store for $12? Quite the awesome find! Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, all in one :)

Next up, an old-school prom dress! $10-15. Love it, love it, love it!

And speaking of old-fashioned prom dresses, lets not forget this beauty! Unfortunately, I don't own it. But my sister does, and it's awesome!

 And here is yet another wonderfully shiny dress that I don't own.

 ...And this isn't really much of a dress...but it's still cool(ish), so I thought it deserved a picture too :)

Random tea party, anyone? Thrift store. $5.

 Sometimes you just have to frolic. You just do.

This red costume was designed specifically for me by one of my ridiculously talented friends, and made from an actual vintage dress from back in the who-knows-when's. She fitted it to me, added the trim on the ends, and made the wrapped skirt part :) 

And along the costume thread...(ok so they're really pretty much all costumes) I bought this used authentic BYU Cougarette costume for $3, and have definitely made it worth my money!

And of course we can't leave out the many beautiful ballroom gowns I've worn!

And of course there are some less-costumey dresses too. This shimmery sparkly coral dress was the first one I bought. And I even ended up getting my name and picture in the newspaper the first time I wore it :)

 And this blue-purple chrome dress with simple elegant beadwork and a lovely corset back was a brand-new-tags-attatched-still-in-the-plastic-bag-from-the-manufacturer thrift store purchase! $35 for a $100+ new dress? Yes please!

The pictures really don't do this pink and black dress justice! There's a lot of intricate sparkly seed bead detail work, and the fit really is much more flattering that it appears thanks to this not-the-best pose. And I got this dress for $40 because the zipper was starting to rip out. A couple stitches, and good as new!

This little black dress has been another one of my favorites just because it's so comfy, easy to move in, and versatile. I bought it on sale for $15. Bargain hunting is what I do.

 Since it's so easy to move in, it got worn to many a ballroom dancing event, including a replacement "Homecoming" dance me and several ballroom friends put together. I went with my now husband as our second date :) It went rather well, I'd say!

Continuing on with awesome dresses for dancing, the list just isn't complete without adding some of the dresses I've worn for ballet costumes this past year! These are from Pioneer Legacy.

And Swan Lake.

 And the Fairy Tea Party.

And a ballet-themed bridal shoot. 

...and last, but definitely not least, here is an honorary space for my future pictures wearing my 3 dresses I still have yet to wear! A pale pink and yellow princess costume with a big yellow sash, a bubblegum pink tule dress with a lovely ruched bodice that is just begging to be worn with my huge petticoat, and a big swooshy purple and white tule skirt in need of a bodice :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

...And All the Awkwardness of 10 First Dates

So this one time this really cool guy I like asked me out on a date. Halloween was coming up and he wanted to make an awesome costume, and I wanted to make an awesome costume, and we needed to buy stuff for our costumes. Dinner and dress-up shopping with a cute boy. Not a bad date!

He had a lot of homework, and I had work, so we couldn't start our date until lateish, and we were both starving and the stores were closing soon. The 'dinner' part of our date was the drive through at Taco Bell. Cheap, yummy, fast!

We started eating in the car on the way to the Halloween costume store and discovered that Taco Bell got our entire order wrong. Instead of the fresco sauce stuff like we requested, they gave us cheddar on everything. I'm lactose intolerant and he's a cheddar hater. Problem. After picking out a bunch of the cheese, I started to just eat it anyway, and realized as I finished my last bite, that greasy, juicy, orangy taconess had dripped through the wrapper and all over my seat belt and my shirt, tank top, and jeans. (Which were fresh out of the wash, I might add! Yes, I did attempt to look somewhat cute for my hot date :) Gross!! And we hadn't even started the real part of our date!

My attempts to clean myself up a bit with the napkins and water weren't incredibly effective. And I ended up accidentally spilling water all over my lap in the process. I accomplished this wonderful feat just as we pulled up to the parking lot of the Halloween costume store...only to discover that it wasn't the store we thought it was...and it was actually a temporary haunted house that wasn't even open for another week or two.

We opted to go to the craft store next door to look for supplies, and actually found a lot of cool stuff! Too bad I looked like I peed my pants, and had orangey grease stains on my shirt, and smelled like an old taco the whole time! Geez, can't take me anywhere! Good thing we're already married since I'm clearly not so great at being impressive on dates.

But all's well that ends well though I suppose, and after a successful supply shopping trip, our comedy of errors finally ended with a phone call to Taco Bell about the incorrect order, and they told us to come back and they gave us our correct order totally free! Aaaand they even threw in some of those delightful cinnamon twisties for free too :D