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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Away from Home...Away from Home

I know, I know, another ballet post. But dancing is so great how can you not blog about it? :)

I just got back from ballet. My first class in Ohio, and my first time dancing since Swan Lake over a month ago! It's been far too long! And I really loved how much it reminded me of home. Not just because it's ballet, but everything about it. The heavy engulfing heat and humidity reminding me SOO much of dancing in Maryland! I was sweating by tendus, not from exertion, just from the heat! And it made my arms and body feel all sticky and slimy the whole class. I haven't felt that way in a dance class in years, thanks to the dry climate of Utah. I guess it's really not something I particularly enjoy or miss, but it's just so familiar it was just good. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe kind of like that friend you have who has some habit or something they always do that just drives you absolutely crazy, and you don't see them for years, and then you see them again and they still do that annoying thing...and you still don't like it, but at the same time it almost makes you happy because it's so familiar and you know it means you're with your old friend again...if that even makes any sense.

Another thing that reminded me of home and I absolutely LOVED was that the class was taught by a man. Several of my ballet teachers growing up were men (Vyachesalv Mesropov, Vadim Pijicov, Urie Nikitenko, Jan Dijkwel, Frank Galvez, Charles Abel, Jonathon Stafford, Scott Thighberg...) as well as my favorite teachers at Summer intensive camps, but it's been about 6 years since I had a ballet class taught by a guy and I miss it! It was great! I don't even know how to explain how it's different, but it just is.

And after class I got to talk to the teacher for a bit while I signed up for a Summer punch card for classes, and found out he used to dance with Ballet West! So that reminded me of my Utah home and dancing in Utah, and we talked and reminisced about Utah for a bit and that was cool.

And now my body is tired, but happy I danced, and I'm stinky and disgustingly drenched in sweat.

Yep, a great way to start the day off, and a great way to kick-off the beginning of my brief Ohio ballet Summer :)

Oh, and the teacher gave me a compliment in class. Not just a generic "good" in my direction, but a good solid, "Karin, that was really nice" during a pirouette/waltz turn combination :) It's a good day!

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