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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Once Upon a Lake of Swans...

There are definitely too many memories of Swan Lake from this past weekend for me to write them all out and do them justice, so here's a simplified list for the sake of remembering.

Remember when...
- Thomas got injured the week before the show and couldn't dance so Sam had to learn all of the prince's part last-minute and we had to get a new guy to replace Sam 
- we showed up Saturday morning for the first show and the Odette and Odile costumes weren't finished, and our princess dresses weren't sewn
- the CD stopped working randomly and we had to stop the show for like 20 minutes while they got new music
- like pretty much everything went wrong with the first show
- we were watching the end of the 3rd act in the dressing room while changing costumes after feeling like the whole show was pretty much a disaster so far, and Jocelyn and Sam did AWESOME for the black swan and we were cheering and screaming at the screen like the whole time and counting fouettes and were just so happy that finally something went so right!!
- Phyllis lifted up her dress so she wouldn't trip walking up the stairs like she did for the first show, and didn't realize she was lifting it up several inches above her knee and flashing her queenly thighs to the entire audience
- we were all doing the pointe shoe I-hate-my-feet waddle from dancing and not taking our pointe shoes off literally all day
- we all sat around and tried to make those feathery headpieces look pretty, and most of us just made a gluey feathery mess. and I got feather bits all over my black leg warmers. 
- I bought BYU ice cream barf buckets to put in the wings on both sides
- me and Sam discussed how much our feet hurt and how cute all the little girls' dances were while we stood around onstage in pain for most of the 3rd act every show
- there was all that awesome dry ice fog on the stage for the end of all the shows...oh wait...I mean, remember how there was supposed to be, but wasn't
- I got confused when we switched to the second cast and did like half of the poses wrong, and everyone on my side had to just follow along because I was in front
- April drank a bunch of that chocolate milk that had sat out all day right from the gallon in the wings
- I was super freaking out and feeling sick before act II and Anne came over to pray with me in the wings before we went onstage
- the pas de trois became a duet
- at least one little girl dropped a prop (flute, flower, etc) during act 3 scene 1 in all 4 shows and Brianna ran and picked it up every time
- the shows kept taking too long and there was only like a 5-10 minute break between when one ended and the next one started so we couldn't take off our shoes or take a break to eat or anything
- April made us awesome sparkly underwear
- we all wanted to chop our feet off and die becuase we were so tired and our feet hurt so bad...and we still had 2 more shows to go!
- the maypole came down from the ceiling for the second show and the ribbons were still all tied up, but they danced with it anyway
- like 3 headpieces fell off during the maypole dance
- Bridget's tendonitis was crazy bad and she iced her feet in a lunch cooler
- during the dress rehearsal we couldn't find the crossbow, so we brought out a feather duster to give to the prince instead. and a hanger.
- suddenly there was a scrim on stage for 'angry birds' and no one knew what to do so we ran around and looked stupid and were really late, and my side didn't even come on for part of it
- I went to help Sam the dark with his 10 second Rothbart costume change, and each show I tried to help by getting him his black feathery mask, but he couldn't ever get it on in time so he would just hand it back to me and go on without it. and I was useless.
- Sam the dark was practicing his pirouettes and creeper Rothbart faces and his broken heart mime in the wings with us
- the wrong song came on...like 5 times...each show
- we had to stand around awkwardly doing nothing while the wrong songs kept playing
- Sam and David came up with some awesome improve to make the most of the wrong song
- our feet were dying and hurt so bad we all layed down in the wings and put our feet up while we waited for the curtain call after the third show
- Brianna and her mom took a ton of pictures of everything
- Sophia's shoes were like the deadest thing anyone had ever seen
- April saved the day and gave Sophia an old pair of her pointe shoes to wear for the last show since hers were basically socks
- I had to wear that horrible nightgownish costume for 1st act because my dress was still just un-sewn pieces of cloth even after the show had started. and it still hadn't been finished by the last show
- we started lining up for Act 3 scene 2 for the fourth and final show and I saw Sam in the wings and we both realized that we were just 5 minutes or so away from being DONE and we started freaking out we were so excited!
- me and Ammon talked in British accents while we waited around onstage during the 1st act
- we took pictures with that random creepy mannequin girl in a cowboy hat with a white arm and black hand and face, holding an energy drink
- the curtain went down after bows for the last show and everyone started bawling their eyes out...except for me and Whitney
- I realized after the last show ended that I had forgotten to take off my sparkly underwear from April that I put on over my costume to take pictures, and I accidentally wore it onstage for angry birds
- we all made it through 4 shows of Swan Lake in 1 day and lived to tell the tale?!

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