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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Awesomely Dairy-free Day #2

Today was one of those days. The kind you look back on and think "dang, today was awesome!!!" Sooo many good things to write about I don't even know if I'll remember them all! But I shall try :)

First, I slept in nice and late. It felt WONDERFUL! I finally did the dishes that I've been procrastinating, and decided to skip breakfast since it was lunchtime anyway, and ate a deliciously healthy dairy-free lunch in my newly-clean kitchen :) A mesquite marinated chicken breast on a hamburger bun (our leftover ones in the freezer happened to be dairy-free!) with lettuce, tons of thick juicy especially good tomato, onions, and thousand island dressing. Mmmmmmm! I felt a little sick after eating, but not too bad. Then I got to spend a good long time practicing the piano for a musical number I decided to do this Sunday! I haven't exactly chosen a song yet...but I sure have been having a good time playing like every hymn arrangement I can get my hands on trying to find the perfect one!

Then, off to observe ballet classes! I'm going to start teaching in the Fall, so the director said to observe a few little girl classes to get some ideas. Most of the class time was spent going over their dances for the performance next week. During the last class I watched, the teacher realized she had forgotten to choreograph the end of the dance so the kids had no clue what to do. Her solution: "Karin, do you have any ideas?"...so I got to choreograph the end of their dance! And it looks super cute and the director liked it :) I'm so proud of myself! And now I'm excited to see them perform!

I ate a bit of a snack and then went to the Tuesday adult ballet class like usual, but with one exception...I didn't feel sick. I actually felt pretty great! Nothing super momentous happened in class, but it was WONDERFUL to be able to just dance and not be thinking about my upset stomach!

And then I went to social dance club for the first time in about a year and it was so so so fun!!! I was really worried that I wouldn't get asked to dance much. Being married and not knowing many people there kind of tends to have that effect. But my worrying was in vain! It was great! And so I have compiled this list of criteria.

How to know you had a great time at social dance club:
- you dance almost every song
- you get to Viennese Waltz with Ben
- you get to teach a beginner new stuff
- that guy that's older than everyone else that no one really knows but he always comes asks you to dance and he compliments you profusely, tells you he is making up all the steps with you as his inspiration, and tells you your spins are "sublime"
- you get to catch up with old dance friends
- you start some new friendships
- you fall on the floor at least once
- you get asked to dance so much that you can't even catch your breath between dances
- you can't figure out what to do to at least one song so you end up doing a west coast/chacha/salsa/swing mashup...or an interpretive viennese inspired waltz something-or-other
- you do the two-step to Crush by David Archuleta
- you make up like 50 million steps on the spot because you forget them or weren't led well or just totally didn't even know the step that was being led
- your feet and ballroom shoes end up reaaaaally stinky
- you go home exhausted and feeling that awesome afterglow!

Yep, that hour of my life was definitely well-spent! Then afterwards I got to catch up and chat with a friend for about an hour or so, and go grocery shopping for some produce and non-dairy snackish foods and bread to hopefully help stave off my cravings for chocolate and other delicious foods I can't eat during this elimination food trial thing. One sad thing, my Trevor went to bed before I got to talk to him, but he did let me wake him up to talk for a bit. I love him :)

And then I came home and messed around on my computer for a bit and ate some snacks. And then I realized, I actually feel good right now. I don't just not feel like I'm about to puke, I really, truly feel good. And it is like the most incredible feeling EVER!!!!!! And not only that, I actually felt pretty good for most of today! I'm only on day 2 of the no dairy diet, but...could it be that lactose intolerance is really the cause of all my misery? Part of me really hopes no because I really really want to be able to eat all my goodies and butter and cheese and sour cream and chocolate and everything that I love!! And the other part of me really hopes yes, because as hard as that would be to go without dairy...I would absolutely love love LOVE to be able to feel like this all day every day! What would that even be like?! I can't even remember, it's been so long! But I imagine it must feel like heaven. Not even kidding.

Chances are it was probably just a fluke of a feel-good day that I just haven't been lucky enough to have in a long long time, but after so much suffering and frustration and disappointment and money for expensive testing and medications and copays, I'm really hoping this is FINALLY a step in the right direction! I'm ready for some hope of having a normal life back. Not one that is controlled by my persistent bouts of nausea. Knock on wood!

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  1. Totally jealous you got to go to social dance club. i miss dancing!