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Friday, May 25, 2012

Healthy No Bake Cookies!!!...?

I'm so proud of myself :) Discovering a healthy way to eat my dessert!

I found this wonderful blog http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/ on Pinterest and was totally captivated! Tons and tons of lovely pictures of decadent treats like strawberry-chocolate truffle pie, German chocolate fudge bites, pumpkin cream cheese bars, berry crumble bars, cake batter ice cream, sugar cookie milk shakes, chocolate brownie batter dip, pumpkin pie parfait, snickerdoodle blondies, carrot cake shakes, chocolate raspberry fudge cake, you name it! Mmmmmmm......aaaand they all claim to be healthy low-fat, low-cal, sometimes sugar-free recipes that taste just like the real deal, if not better!!! No way!!! It's almost too good to be true!!

So I tried a couple of these delectable goodies.

Yep. It's too good to be true.

They tasted...pretty gross. My husband wouldn't even touch them. Lets be honest here. When you blend together raisins, peanut butter, vanilla, and cocoa powder, it doesn't taste like cookies. Even if you call it that, go on and on about how good it is, and have a pretty picture. It tastes like peanut butter, raisins, and dirt. And when was the last time you mixed up only raspberries, coconut, cocoa powder, and 1 Tbs sugar and expected it to taste like raspberry chocolate fudge cake? Most likely never.

*I must clarify though, her recipes are intended to be more for gluten-free, no sugar added, raw food, clean-eating purists, vegans, or people with food allergies...not for people like me who eat sugary, fatty, rich, preservative-laden, artery-clogging junk like it's going out of style. So to the audience for which the food is intended - and compared to the normal diet of such people - they probably taste divinely delicious; whereas to me...not so much.*

I guess that means it's time for a healthy wake-up call!

SO, yesterday took the recipe I was trying to make at the time (healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge!) and modified it a bit...and I LOVED it!! Aaaand I didn't even add any sugar!! (just snuck in a couple chocolate chips...hehe) For those who want it, and to give proper credit for my inspiration, the original recipe is here .

I'm so proud of myself :) My own little recipe for healthy no bake cookies!

And here it is (approximately):
- 1 very ripe medium banana, mashed
- 1/4 cup peanut butter
- 2 1/2 Tbs cocoa powder
- 1 tsp. vanilla
- 1/3 cup rolled oats
- 2-4 Tbs coconut if desired
- 2-4 Tbs chocolate chips (mini milk chocolate chips work great :)

Just mix it all up and eat it :) It's gooey and never sets up so use a spoon, or you can chill it in the fridge or freezer and cut it up and eat it like fudge how the original recipe intended for it to be.

NO this does not taste exactly like no bake cookies. Of course not, silly. That would require a lot of butter, sugar, salt, all those deliciously unhealthy things. So if you're looking an awesome dessert recipe, this isn't it. But, if you're looking for healthier way to abate your chocolate cravings, fill you with appetite-satisfying and sustaining protein and natural fats and sugars and healthy carbs, pacify your sweet tooth a bit, and sneak in some extra fruit and fiber, maybe give it a try :) I sure thought it was tasty enough!

Oh, and yes, you can taste the banana. It's the natural sweetener, along with the chocolate, of course. If you're not a banana fan you could also substitute raspberries or strawberries and just add a couple tsp of sugar (or honey?), or for a more no-sugar-added approach, substitute finely chopped raisins or dates for the fruit.

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