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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Frustrated Stomach Vent

I know having a bad attitude doesn't fix things, but I am in need of a good venting session right now!!! I hate this plague of nausea of mine SOOOOO MUCH!!! And I also hate the way I feel like I'm being bounced around with no answers, and not listened to completely. I understand that doctors are smart, being a doctor is hard, and making a correct diagnosis after just a few short visits is difficult - especially since my symptoms are so vague and generic - and the things that are so obvious to me because I'm living them, may not appear the same way to a doctor who barely knows me (not to mention I might not be explaining things clearly), but this is my vent so I'm going to disregard all that for a minute and assume that I am right about everything.

I just got back from an appointment with a specialist earlier today and he thinks I have Gastroparesis or some similar condition, so I'm going in for more testing on Friday. Well that's great, now maybe we'll get a real diagnosis! What makes me mad is that the second doctor I saw (the first just wanted me to take meds out the wazoo so I never went back) said the exact same thing. Then he moved to a different location so I started seeing a different doctor.  She decided I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and proceeded to give me medical advice accordingly and test me for everything other than gastroparesis. I did my research at home looking up articles and looking at medical websites and stuff, and I have like all of the symptoms of gastroparesis, and none of the trademark symptoms of IBS (cramping, pain, diarrhea, constipation, farting) except nausea, which isn't even one of the top symptoms. She told me to take fiber supplements, gave me anti-spasmatic stomach medication, and all that good stuff.

We still couldn't get me well or find answers from the testing, so I started seeing this specialist, but first I had an appointment with his assistant. He gave me a new prescription for some different anti-spasm meds and assured me that he KNEW they would work, and that if they didn't, when I came back he would give me a prescription for a stronger dose.

 So today, after many many expensive tests and prescription refills - not to mention all the copays! - my new doctor said he thought it was unproductive to spend time in the IBS route like my other doctors have been doing, because he thinks I have Gastroparesis, which is what that guy at the beginning thought I had all along. Because guess what, I have like all the major symptoms of it. No way! Tentatively diagnosing someone with something they actually have symptoms of instead of something else that they don't have symptoms of?! What a revolutionary idea! Too bad we couldn't have started making this progress before I had to suffer through an extra year of miserable nausea and running up my medical bills. Sheesh.

Also, thanks to more online research and looking at even more papers and articles I have discovered that a high-fiber diet makes Gastroparesis worse! So assuming that I do in fact have Gastroparesis, the advice from that other doctor was just making my symptoms worse! And get this, the two different anti-spasm medications that I was told to take by two different doctors both work by slowing down the movement in your stomach and intestines (Gastroparesis is when your stomach is too slow at moving food through your system and it makes you sick), so they have just been exacerbating my symptoms and I found a site that even listed them as causes of Gastroparesis! And neither of them are even designed to treat nausea, they are just to relieve pain - which is not one of my symptoms and I keep telling my doctors that!!  It's almost 6 PM all I have eaten today is 1 piece of toast, 2 mini cupcakes, and about 5 saltines, and I spent several hours this morning feeling very nauseous (I almost left my appointment because I almost puked a couple times while waiting), and I'm still just stuffed completely full. Stupid medicine making my problems worse! Stupid doctors writing me prescriptions for symptoms I don't have, that make the ones I do have worse!! GAAAHHH!!! Seriously I just want to scream! If they had just listened to me from the beginning, we could have tested for gastroparesis first instead of just starting down that road now after having to fight through all this expensive mess and misery and missed opportunities because I didn't feel good enough!! ugh.

Ok. There. I said it. I guess I'm done now.

I really just want to be well. I'm tired of this. Sooooo tired of it.

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