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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anybody Need a Date?

An amusing texting conversation that happened today:

random number: Hey, what's going on?

me: who is this?

random number: *gives name* (which I don't recognize)

me: Um, i think you might have the wrong number. Who are you trying to reach?

random number: isn't this karen?

me: (that is most definitely NOT how my name is spelled...) oh, that's me. How do i know you?

random number: I think we had a class together, but the more i think about it, i'm not sure if that's right...

me: (I graduated from BYU nearly 2 years ago...) Sorry, i don't remember you. How did you get my number?

random number: Its been in my phone as karen cutie...haha

random number: I don't think Cutie is your real last name, is it? haha

me: haha well i'm flattered! that must be from awhile ago though, i've been married for almost a year

random number: uh oh. lol.

The End. Oops. Poor guy.

Sooooo...I still have no clue who that guy is, or how he has my number...and if I really gave it to him apparently he waited quite a long time to actually contact me considering my days of giving out my number ended well over 2 years ago.

BUT, if any of you single ladies are feeling dateless or want a random boy to text, I might be able to point you in his direction :) haha

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