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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For / How to Get all the Boys

My phone died last night and I fell asleep on the couch so I didn't end up charging it...which  means the alarm never went off...but I still managed to wake up by 7:40 all on my own and got ready super fast and drove off to Springville for ballet at 8. I was a bit late, but they started class late and I made it in before they had even finished plies :)

After 2 hours of technique and almost 2 hours of Swan Lake rehearsal I headed back home in my trusty rusty old truck with the wonderful afterglow of hours of dancing. The weather is absolutely GORGEOUS today!! Sunny and warm and glorious. So I drove home with the window down, and as I drove I decided I wanted to go for a run today, or at least a walk. Just something to get outside with Trevor and enjoy the day. I knew it probably wouldn't happen since Trevor is just so busy and has a huge test today, but I still thought about it like the entire 20 minute drive home. Well, at least for the first 18 minutes...

Then as I pulled up to the second-to-last stoplight before home, my truck rattled to a stop and just broke down. Blast. I tried to re-start it several times and it got really close, but by the time it finally started up I had completely missed the light. I pulled up to the white line since the cars that were waiting in front of me were long gone, and my truck rattled and shook and pulsed for about 20 seconds and shut off again. Not good. I turned on my hazard lights and kept trying desperately to get it to start, but it just wouldn't, and I sat there light after light after light.

There was this little green car behind me, and on the third light they started honking angrily at me. Seriously? Dear little green car person, I'm very sorry you had the misfortune of being stuck behind me and being late for wherever you're going. I understand; I absolutely hate it when cars make me late too. But it's not my fault and honking at me will not fix my broken truck!!! (They did finally back up and take the other lane. I'm not sure why they didn't just do that before.)

I couldn't even call Trevor or anyone to come help me because my phone was still dead from last night! Of course the one time I really need it is the one time it's dead! I sat in my car trying to figure out what to do and just praying that something would work out and I would somehow get the help I needed. Finally I decided to try to power up my phone and see if it had enough juice to make 1 10-second call for help before it died again. I chose Trevor. He didn't answer. My phone officially died the rest of the way. Perfect.

Then a nice man came over and offered to try to start it up, but to no avail. So he offered to push me through the intersection and into a parking lot on the other side during the next green light. While we were waiting this super hot nice guy jogging on the other side of the street ran over and offered to help too. They both offered me rides home, but I told them I didn't live far and I was fine. It took some effort, but we finally got me through the intersection, down the street a little, and safely into a parking lot! Another really cute guy saw us and came over to help, but he didn't get there until we were about to the parking lot anyway. I thanked the first two guys profusely and they went on their merry ways, and the last guy stuck around for a bit. He offered to drive me home, offered me his phone, offered to help me get more gas in my truck if that's what I needed, and talked to me for a bit about the truck and what happened.

In the end I finally convinced him I was fine now, and then I started the mile-long walk home in the beautiful weather, just like I had been wishing for the whole drive home :) ...I just wasn't wishing for it to happen with the same circumstances...haha oh well. Trevor never got my message - I guess my phone died before it went through - so he had no idea about any of this mess, but he passed me a block from home as he drove off to take his test, so he gave me a ride the rest of the way and I'm home safe and sound now!

And for all you single ladies, from this experience I learned that apparently the way to get the attention of strong, nice, helpful, and very attractive men is to play damsel in distress and break down in provo in a busy intersection. So now the next time you have a dateless Friday night, you know what to do ;)

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