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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Step...Sideways?

I went to see an allergist last week like my doctor suggested. I didn't really expect it to be very useful, but is it bad to say I almost hoped they would find a dairy, wheat, or some other allergy? At least then I would know why I am sick and be able to start feeling better again. No such luck. The allergist even told me he's really not sure why my doctor sent me to him because my symptoms don't sound like a reaction to a food allergy at all. I showed him the food log I've been keeping for the past 2 months, and the list of foods I generally associate with feeling sick. Didn't ring any bells for him. He still tested me for like 20 different foods (which I had to pay per food for even though he didn't seem to think it would even have any results...I feel a bit ripped off). The results: a mild soy allergy, a very very mild rye allergy, and a very very very little bit of oat allergy. Nothing to merit my symptoms. Blah. About all I learned from the experience is that I should go elsewhere for answers. The allergist and his nurse also informed me a couple times that I am very skinny. That's not very helpful information either.

Oh well. On the plus side, one more small piece of the puzzle has been solved. Now, to add to the pile of "not"s, we know it's not anemia, it's not solved by taking more fiber, it's not gallstones, it's not a gallbladder infection, it's not a vertigo issue because of a blockage in my ear canal, it's not any defect in my organs that could be seen in the pelvic ultrasound or the abdominal ultrasound, it's not a food allergy (intolerance maybe though?), and it's not because I'm overweight.

We'll get there someday I hope. And my EGD is in less than a week now, and I'm going to start seeing a specialist who will hopefully take me more seriously than the doctor I was seeing before. After that, next on the list is some bloodwork, testing for celiac, looking into the psychosomatic anxiety route, and then seeing a natural healing doctor. Moving right along I guess.

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