"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once Upon a Wednesday

Once upon a Wednesday, a certain young lady wasn't quite the best wife ever. Her full-time student husband who was also doing research and bringing home the bacon was up doing homework until the wee hours of the morning were starting to become the larger hours of the morning, but she still slept in later than him.

Then while he was at school and working and running around like crazy all day, she went to her unpaid internship for 6 1/2 hours and had a blast. Then she got home and was very very hungry, so she ate some of the leftovers from dinner last night. Then she was still a little hungry and the food was delicious, so she downed the rest of the leftovers. Then she felt sick from eating too much food too fast, so instead of doing the dishes from last night and tonight and cleaning up the huge mess she made preparing the dinner the night before, she plopped down on the couch with a trashcan and started watching TV to distract herself from her nausea.

Around 8:30 her husband FINALLY finished his crazy long horribly busy stressful day and came home...to a superbly messy kitchen, no dinner, and a wife lazily watching TV instead of being productive who was unable to respond to his re-telling of his exciting events of the day because she was focused on not puking into the trashcan in front of her. Poor poor boy.

BUT, just 10 or 15 minutes after her husband came home, she finally belched several times and started feeling better! And she baked up some delicious chicken cordon bleu (uh, however you spell that) for him and re-listening to all his exciting news about the internship he probably will get (finally! an internship!! yay!!) and was happy and supportive and started looking up how long it would take to drive from Ohio to Maryland for visits, and all that good stuff :) And then she let him take a nap while she did the dishes...except it turns out the dishwasher is broken again. But she loaded them anyway so they would be out of sight at least, and promised to wash every single one by hand the following day since she didn't have anything planned all day. And then she let her husband nap some more before returning to the battle against his homework monster, and gave him a back-rub. So she wasn't too too bad of a wife after all :)

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