"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journaling: Not for the Faint of Heart

Lately I've been typing up one of my mom's handwritten journals so she can have a digital copy. Right now she is the young mother of two girls - me and my older sister (ages 4 and 6) - and the wife of a working student pursuing a phd. Not gonna lie, most of her entries are a bit on the dry side. There are a couple rare exceptions, but it's really just a simple description of a few things that happened with an occasional emotional response (it was fun. I enjoyed seeing her. etc.) instead of a gripping or entertaining story of life. But you know what? Now it's recorded! And she was very good at journaling several times a week, if not every day. And now as I read it, it brings back memories of my past.

Some of them aren't preserved in my mind quite how they are documented...(for example, my mom wrote about how we made dolls, watched ET and ate Reese's Pieces, and me and my sister had such a fun time...but I remember not even finishing the movie because I was too scared, crying and being terrified that ET was following me around everywhere for weeks, and both hating Reese's Pieces for 10+ years and being afraid of the doll my mom made for me during the movie because of the anxiety I had surrounding that experience), but that just makes it even more fun to read. I also get to find out fun little stories like my 6-year-old (at the time) sister confessing to my mom over lunch one day "Dad says we need to repent of every little thing we do wrong so we can go to heaven. I guess I need to repent. I took Karin's shoes, and I'm still wearing them". And I'm still only on page 20! I can't wait to find more treasures!

All this has got me thinking too...I need to be better at documenting my life. That was kind of the goal of starting this blog anyway. A little bit of frills and accountability to work as motivation.

But my blog is getting kind of boring. I mostly just talk about being sick it seems. And who wants to read about that? And who wants to think about it long enough to sit down a write a blog post about it? Someone who feels owned by it, that's who. I've been getting a little too caught up in what I can't do because I don't feel well, and I haven't been able to see my life through the symptoms. Time to change! I found a blog this evening while researching symptoms and feeling sick and sorry for myself (all regular occurrences) and I just fell in love with this entry here. Exactly the words I needed to hear. Or read. Whatever.

It's going to be hard to write about what happened each day without talking about being sick, especially when I don't do a lot of things because I don't feel well enough to do them. But I'm going to try :) Starting now!

So, today was my day off! I slept in, but I still woke up before Trevor. He worked until 4 am, so he was pretty tired today. I have the hardest time getting out of bed when he's still fast asleep, and I usually end up walking him up like 10 times talking to him, hugging him, shifting positions, sending a text, scratching his head, or whatever because I just want him to wake up and be with me! Fortunately he's a good sport :) I did eventually decide to be nice and let him sleep. I really didn't do too much today. It was a nice lazy day. Kind of boring too. I practiced the piano for a bit though. I was asked to play for a Relief Society board meeting this Saturday. And I cleaned up the messy kitchen, and made some yummy creamy pasta sauce for our rigatoni, meatball, spinach creamy sauce dinner! I didn't end up going to ballet tonight though. I'll have to do that tomorrow. aaand I kept my basil plants alive for 1 more day! Yay! I'm really good at killing basil plants it turns out. These two are my 6th and 7th in less than 2 years, and they're not looking so good even though I've only had them for 3 days. I'm really not sure what my problem is, but I really hope they live because I LOVE fresh basil!

Anyways, I'm tired, so there's my contribution for today. Happy Tuesday! (Wednesday now I guess)

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