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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day of my First Real Internship!

Yesterday was my first day at my new internship and OH MY GOODNESS I was SOO nervous!!! For one thing, it's something new. I have a hard time with change. Also, I wasn't sure quite what to expect, and I get really anxious when I don't know exactly how things are going to be. Plus I've never been to the gym in my life, so a Personal Training/Physical Therapy internship will for sure mean I'm getting exposed to tons of new things. And then there's the added stress of my stomach and intestines going crazy and randomly making me feel like throwing up for sometimes hours at a time, and I was originally planning on just taking a Zofran as I left for my internship every day to keep things manageable, but now even that won't work.

Yeah. It was a lot for me to handle. But it turns out, all my worrying was in vain! I totally loved it!

I got a little lost on the way there, but not too bad and I still made it there in time to change into my required black shirt and yoga shorts, put my hair up, and be ready to go!

A big part of what made me feel so at ease were the people I spent my afternoon with. There are 4 other interns on my shift (2 boys and 2 girls), a leader, and a physical therapist. I'm the newest, but some of the others are only a few weeks ahead of me, and they were VERY nice and welcoming, and did a great job showing me around and helping me out. They're also all married except one, and they're smart, motivated, respectful, social, and all good strong Mormon's! Which is quite a drastic and very welcome change from Costco. I'm not used to being around people in such similar life situations as mine anymore, and it's great!

We started in the gym. The leader guy (I forget what his official 'title' is...so...for the rest of this post I'll refer to him as ' the captain') would choose one of us in turn, and give us an exercise and we'd have to teach it to him as if he were a beginning client, and then correct him if he did anything wrong. Yesterday we worked on biceps exercises. Everyone watched as the person taught, and then we gave a rating and constructive criticism, and the person teaching was given an overall rating by the captain. One slight obstacle for me...I don't know how to use the equipment or do the exercises. Instead of making it some embarrassing huge deal, the captain taught me a new one, and had everyone give me a rating based on how well I learned. Before I go back on Wednesday, I'm for sure going to spend some time looking up different ways to work out, so I will be better prepared.

After all that, I went down to the physical therapy room with the captain and another intern to work on a patient. 2 of the other interns have a personal training emphasis, and I'm not really sure why the other physical therapy emphasis guy wasn't with us. Anyways, I watched as they did some stuff to rehabilitate the kid's shoulder so he could play football again, and we all talked for awhile during his appointment. My stomach started acting up about this point. It was growling and rumbling and threatening to make me feel pretty rotten and sick, and I was soooo cold I was shaking. Next time I'm bringing a jacket for sure! Luckily, I was just observing while it was doing that, so after trying to wait it out for about 15 or 20 minutes, I finally excused myself to eat 2 saltines and get some gum to chew. That seemed to do the trick, I burped, and felt better for the rest of the shift!

Once we were done with the patient, the captain taught me how to do one of the things they were doing with the kid's shoulder. It's called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, or PNF stretching for short. We worked on that for well over an hour. Teaching, practicing it on each other, all that good stuff. I don't think they usually spend that long on one thing like that, but there was some issue with a patient that came in and required extra time or something, so we were left to our own devices...aka practicing PNF for like forever. It would be a lot easier if I were a lot bigger and/or stronger, but I'm getting better at it :) One of the interns helping me and another girl actually knew what he was doing, and was really really great at helping us learn. He'd lay on the table and coach us on what to do, what to do better, and what we were doing good as we each stood on either side of the table and took turns stretching out each of his arms over and over. His shoulders probably feel great today after being stretched out for so long!

About a half hour before leaving, we all started cleaning assignments. I just chose one at random, and it happened to be a super long one. Dusting and polishing all the wood surfaces. Oh man. All the wooden baseboards, all the huge wooden windowsills, the wooden supports, the front and back of the main desk, the doors...it took me over a half hour, and that's not because I was going slow! I tried to hurry as fast as I could, especially because everyone else got short jobs and finished before I was even half done. I'm pretty sure no one had dusted for awhile, because it was pretty bad in some places, and my black clothes ended up covered in dust bunnies. Lucky me :) I'm not choosing that job again anytime soon!

Then we totaled up our points for the day, and headed home. I can't wait to go back for more tomorrow! Here's hoping my stomach will be friendly again!! knock on wood!

I'm really not sure why I ever thought it would be so terrible to leave Costco for new territory. I love this new place waaay better already. Who knows, maybe I won't like it so much later, but I'm guessing I still will :) 

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