"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, December 30, 2011

Life is Bigger than a Pizza Crust

I married a good man. Such a good good man.

Yesterday me and Trevor both had the day off! So we slept in super late (2:30?), went camera window-shopping, ate breakfast/lunch together, were lazy, didn't do dishes or clean up anything, played a couple round of tetris, I spent forever trying to figure out my new hotstick and curling hair straightener, went grocery shopping, ran some errands, and ended up buying all the X-Men movies on blue-ray, Kung-Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, Hook, and Star Trek (also blue-ray :) for like only $70 because the Blockbuster by our house is going out of business. I like date days with my Trevor :)

None of that is what this post is actually about though. After all of that, we went home and cooked up a homemade pizza! I randomly decided to make one and got really excited about it, so we went topping shopping to make our awesome pizza! Trevor even got out our pizza stone to use for the first time. I've made that same pizza crust recipe several times before, but this was the first time I tried making it with a kitchen-aid and for some reason it didn't turn out right at all. It was too thick and lumpy and wouldn't roll out, so I tried to add more water...which mostly just made it really slimy. It didn't help that I couldn't roll it out on the pizza pan like I was used to because the pizza stone was supposed to preheat in the oven before we put the pizza on it, and we didn't have any counter space for me to use. It was a mess.

the offending kitchen mess (post battle)

I kept getting more and more frustrated and upset with the whole thing. Trevor washed a cookie sheet for me to roll it out onto and then transfer to the pizza stone, and I got resourceful and used a long cup as a rolling pin since we don't have one and the dough was too stubborn to respond well to just my hands. I tried to make that stupid dough bend to my will and finally succeeded in getting it to flatten out somewhat reasonably. Then we pulled the hot pizza stone out to transfer the crust. A bit of smoke and an icky burnt smell greeted me when I opened the oven. I had put flour on the stone before I knew it needed to preheat, and it was charred dark brown. So I had to try to carefully wipe all the burnt flour off of the 400+ degree pizza stone so the pizza wouldn't taste nasty, and it decided to spill all over and make a nice stinky burnt little mess. I just left it. Then I peeled the shaped dough off the cookie sheet to transfer it to the hot stone...but I forgot that a large square pizza crust wouldn't fit on a smaller round pizza stone.

It might have been because my sleep schedule was off, or because I was hungry and cranky; maybe the impending clutter pressing in from all sides was getting to me, or it was a side-effect of the new medication I just started. Maybe it was my occasional perfectionism flaring up, or worry from the fact that we had just impulse spent so much hard-earned money on entertainment, maybe it was some girly hormones running a little crazy, or maybe it was all of those and more. I don't really know. But by this point I was worked up into such an upset tizzy that I couldn't even handle it. That pizza crust was so unfixable and so determined not to do what I wanted that the world might as well be ending! I just wanted to scream and cry and throw something and pound that stupid pizza crust into obliteration all at once! (...which is really a very non-normal way for me to feel, I might add) I ended up half shouting and half exclaiming hopelessly and exasperatedly "It's all wrong! Trevor! I don't even know what to do!!" And it was true.

He didn't start a yelling match or argument about how this was supposed to be a fun dinner date and I was completely ruining it by being so uncharacteristically rude and upset the whole time despite his help and attempts to lighten the mood, or even get upset at me for yelling and being unpleasant and mad when nothing was even his fault. He just came and put his arms around me, then walked me out of the kitchen and sat me down on the couch and just held me for a minute without saying a word. And then he told me that he loves me. He always knows the right thing to do.

Then he prescribed that I stay on the couch and not worry about the pizza, and watch the next episode of White Collar while he fixed it. He's so wonderful :) I only got part-way through the episode before I was myself again, so I paused it and went back to the pizza kitchen to apologize and say thanks and see what he had done to fix the crust. It was pretty simple and brilliant really. He just rolled up the long edges so it made a nice thick end crust, but the middle was normal. I pressed it around a bit more so it met with my satisfaction, and then we loaded it up with our favorite toppings, and had a wonderfully yummy happy dinner date after all! I'm a lucky girl :)

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  1. You should come over to my house some time and make homemade pizza with me. I am seriously a pro. And I use my kitchenaid, so I know my recipe works with that. I'm not kidding, and I actually have all the ingredients, so some time this week would be great... and Chris would be SO EXCITED. Haha! I'm going to post this on your facebook now so we can set up a time.