"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Joy

The past couple of days I've just been really happy and I'm not quite sure why! I just have this feeling like I'm being buoyed up from the inside, and I really just can't help but be happy! 

Maybe it's because I've been better about reading my scriptures lately, or because I got a new calling I'm excited about, or because it's almost Christmas, or because I'm scheduled 10-3 for the next 2 weeks (best schedule ever! sleep in, and still have my nights free!), or because I've been eating a lot of chocolate lately, or because I've been playing the piano more, or because I bought a couple cute clothes yesterday, or because I finally get to go to ballet again today for the first time in like a month, or because I realized yesterday that it's been 2 1/2 weeks since the last time I took a Zofran (I've still been sick, but I've taken several TUMS every day and peppermint oil.  Zofran is the expensive last resort one for when I really can't handle it), or because I'm excited about my next batch of cupcakes I'm planning, or because I've been eating a lot of bananas and getting potassium...I don't even know. I'm just a happy girl, and I really hope it stays that way for a while. I like it :)

Anyways, yesterday ( I wrote this on Wednesday, and just didn't get around to posting it :) I was just so happy I figure I better write about it! Trevor worked late Monday night/Tuesday morning, so I left him sleeping when I went to work in the morning. I missed him though, so I wore his hoodie :) Work wasn't too crazy, but there was still plenty to do to keep us busy. I like it when it's like that. Not stressful, but not boring. Time passes quickly when it's like that. And they had samples of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Yum! After my short little 5-hour shift I went home for some snacks, got my work schedule for next week (same as this one! yay!), and did a little shopping. Some warmer clothes, and some groceries.

Then I made some chicken soup for my poor little sick puppy Trevor. He's fighting a mean cold while working a ton, going to class, and trying to keep his head above water with his deathly pre-finals homework/project/exam load. Poor guy. I just want to tell him to take a day off and stay home and have a movie marathon with him and cuddle under warm blankets and feed him soup. But no. All I can do is make him soup to scarf down during his few minutes home between things, and hope his homework doesn't keep him up to long. I'm sure having to bike in the cold a couple times every day doesn't help anything either :(

After our quick Progresso chicken pot pie soup dinner (he wanted bread dipped in it instead of toast or crackers because of his sore throat, and it was surprisingly good!), Trevor got all suited up to play in the University Orchestra performance later that night. He looked so good! He came and sat next to me on the couch while he put on his shoes and socks and I just couldn't keep myself from staring at him and smiling ridiculously. Good heavens, you'd think I was a little high school freshman and the crush of my life just sat next to me in lunch or something! I love him :)

I had to run off to a quick visiting teaching appointment before going to see his performance, and it was really good! My companion is super cute and fun and the girl we visited is someone I've never met before and she's super cool and smart and pretty. All three of us are blonde newlyweds, which I think is cool :) We got to know her a bit and had a fun little visit. It turns out she even knows a couple of the same people as me and Trevor from ballroom! Small world!

I was late to Trevor's performance, but I still got a good seat and he wasn't playing until the second hour anyway. Another girl got there at the same time as me, so we waited outside the doors together until the song they were playing was over. It turns out she was in Trevor's ward before we got married and was even in a dinner group with him! More small world fun :) Then I went in and found my seat, and lo and behold, there was my aunt in the row in front of me! No one was sitting next to her so I moved on up and neither of us had to watch alone! I had forgotten that my cousin Jenny was also playing in the orchestra. And a ballroom friend Owen was too it turns out. The performance was not exactly mind-blowing, but it was still really good and I loved the songs they played! Especially the Blue Danube Waltz. I LOVE that song!! So much personality, plus it's just a really fun rich waltz! I really really want to choreograph something to it some day.

Trevor was so much fun to watch playing the cello! He got so into it and would bob his head around and everything, he was just so lost and completely absorbed in the music he was playing and it was so cute and awesome! I usually end up picking out a favorite or two whenever I watch any sort of performance. Trevor was my favorite this time, and he's even mine to keep! I just kept on smiling the whole time!

Afterwards we met up with Trevor and Jenny and took pictures, and then me and Trevor drove home so he could do even more homework. Poor guy. But I made him more soup, and rubbed his back, and sat next to him for awhile since that's really about all I could do to help. He works so hard. I'm so proud of him :) Then our day ended with our scripture study of the Doctrine and Covenants together before bed, like always.

So I guess that's it. Not any sort of ridiculously wonderful day in itself, but still a very very good happy day! The only main thing that could have made my day better, is if Trevor wasn't sick or swamped. But that will change eventually. My life is wonderful and I am one lucky girl to be living it!

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