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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Thing from the 80's that Needs to be Resurrected

It's Fall, Winter is coming, and yet again, my legs are cold. I can always put on 2 hoodies, a coat, layer socks, wear gloves, and pull my deep furry hood as far forward as it will go, but jeans...they just don't keep my legs warm. Not even close. 

Despite having been raised on Ballet, I never thought it was worth it to buy leg warmers. We weren't allowed to wear them once class started anyway, so why spend the money? Then one day earlier this year Kirstyn Perry was selling some old dance stuff before she moved, and among the piles was a pair of nice thick long black leg warmers for like $3! So I totally bought them even though I didn't think I'd ever be doing ballet again. Actually I think Travis might have bought them for me because I didn't quite have enough cash on me at the moment...I forget.

They got lost somewhere in my apartment, left behind when I later moved out to get married, were eventually found and picked up, and were then deposited in a random box somewhere in our new home...where they sat unused for a couple more months.

Then a week or two ago I was throwing together a costume for our ward Halloween party and didn't want my legs to be cold. Solution: find those leg warmers! Oh. My. Gosh. My legs were warm! It was crazy!!! Who would have ever guessed?! It's like a sweater for your legs! Best invention ever! And now I think I'm in love.

I'm so short they cover my feet and still come up almost to my hip. It's great! I wear them around the cold basement, I wear them to bed, I wear them under my pj's for late night grocery shopping trips or Guy Fawkes parties, I wear them on the way to church because skirts are chilly...love it!

Unfortunately, they don't fit under my jeans, and I'm not cool enough to wear legwarmers with an outfit just for kicks.  I soooo wish that wearing legwarmers was fashionable these days! My goodness, where are the 80's when you need them? Oh well, I guess for now I'll just have to settle for some nice thick tights, and wear my legwarmers in secret :)

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  1. I have some legwarmers that go from just below the knee to my ankles. They don't stay up very well which is unfortunate because they do fit under jeans! I am thinking about putting more elastic in the top so it stays up better. Socks do a good enough job on my feet and my thighs have more insulation, so they work well for me... and nobody knows I have them. Also, I have a pair of fleece pants that fit OVER jeans if I ever intend to get REALLY cold. And I'm not ashamed to wear them! But also, I have no sense of fashion.