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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coincidence? I Think Not

Back when I wrote my post about my first encounter with Trevor on facebook chat I forgot to include one important detail.

A year and a half or so earlier I was dating a guy who lived about a 45-minute drive away from me and I was working 40-70 hours a week. We only got to see each other in person a couple times a week, so we filled in the holes with facebook chatting and texting. I'm pretty sure I texted until I fell asleep almost every night during those months. At some point, I got into the habit of ending our facebook or texting conversations with the words "sweet dreams" every night. No reason in particular, I just did. And the fact that I only said that to him made it special to me for some reason.

Later we broke up, I spent some time being single, and started dating someone else. We spent quite a bit of time together in person, and also chatted and texted on top of that. I wished him "sweet dreams" every night too.

I doubt either of them remember; they probably didn't even really notice or care. But for whatever reason, it meant something to me, and they were the only ones I said that to.

Then that first night when Trevor started talking to me on facebook chat out of the blue, after our long conversation which ended with me thinking something along the lines of "well that was interesting and he seems nice" but nothing more then that, his last words to me were "sweet dreams".

I don't remember him ever saying it since then. Just a one-time thing. It didn't change my impression of our conversation or change my then lack of interest in him, but it did catch my attention for a moment. God's little way of turning my own personal meaning to those words around and telling me to pay attention so I wouldn't miss out on something wonderful maybe?

In any event, those words themselves didn't change my life, but I'd rather not forget them :) And now that we're married, the typed words "sweet dreams" has been replaced with "I love you"'s in person, and it's much better :)

And speaking of sweet dreams, I love this rendition of this song!
Dream a Little Dream of Me

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