"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dance Photo Shoot!

Today was my long anticipated just-for-fun-before-I-get-old-and-fat dance photo shoot! Yay! It was planned tentatively for last Wednesday, but the weather decided to get super cold for no apparent reason, and it rained and snowed and was just miserable. So we cancelled it. Actually, I looked at the forecast in advance and decided we'd better postpone it. We planned it to be the following Wednesday (today) even though for whatever reason my work schedule still hadn't been posted for this week, because Wednesday has been my day off for the past like 3 months. And guess what. Lo and behold, I was scheduled to work today. Fortunately, I was off by 3:30, and the photo shoot wasn't until 5:30.

I wanted the photo shoot to be taken at the Provo Castle because it's awesome! Me and Trevor went a couple weeks ago to kind of scope it out and got permission from the office to snap a few pictures to get ideas for the later shoot (you need to pay a small fee to get a photographer up there for a real photo shoot). Here are a couple for those who haven't seen the awesomeness of the castle!! (it's actually significantly cooler than it looks in these pictures, and they only show a little bit of it)

way cool amphitheater!
please excuse the terrible photo quality 

After work I hurried home to get ready...and things sure didn't want to work out the way I wanted. I couldn't find my new tights and I decided my new dance shorts weren't the right look, so I ended up doing bare legs with a dance skirt. A little bold for me I guess (especially since the leotard was definitely french cut...which wouldn't have been a problem with shorts like I originally planned), but I think it actually ended up looking cool in the pictures. My bangs were being stupid and ended up just being down, I ran into construction and had to reroute and got disoriented and it just took waaay longer to get there than it should have and I ended up being 5 minutes late, it turned out 2 other groups of people decided to have photo shoots there today too, I stepped in a mud puddle and stained my flat shoes, and the shank of one of my pointe shoes snapped part-way through the shoot and I started to fall over and scraped my elbow against the stone wall. All kinds of fun stuff! But I think it still turned out great and it was tons of fun! And there's one picture in particular that turned out unexpectedly awesome and I'm just dying to see it once they get me the edited disk next week!!!

And then I went grocery shopping and discovered that donuts were on sale for 25 cents! So I bought an apple fritter which I LOVE!!!! and a raspberry fritter (...not quite as good), and a chocolate frosted one with sprinkles which I also love, and a german chocolate donut for Trevor because he loves that. Lots of things that we love! All for only $1.00! Win!! And then I came home and made chicken bacon pepperjack sandwiches for dinner.

OH MY GOSH I need to eat like this more often!!! I love food :) and Trevor :) and pictures :) and ballet :) And now I'm going to watch another episode of Psych, because I love that show too :D

Yet another good day for the Jeromes :)

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