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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

My goodness, it's been awhile! I have lots of things to catch up on now! General Conference, dance rehearsals, the continuing quest for a better job, the Trevor and Karin story 1 year later stuff, my cute confection ideas, the stupid meatloaf adventure...but those will have to wait. Today I'm writing about today...or rather yesterday...as of just a couple hours...so basically today!

I woke up exhausted a little after 9. I'm not exactly sure how many times I hit snooze, but my alarm was set for 8:30. Actually, it was supposed to be 8, but I've been quite sleep deprived for the past couple days, Me and Trevor stayed up late watching War of theWorlds and then I was scared so we had to watch another happy movie before bed and it was definitely way past bedtime by that point, I didn't get a nice long nap Sunday because we watched General Conference up in Salt Lake and my evening got chewed up with things to do, I jumped from dancing 1 1/2 hours a week to like 9 this past week and I think my body is still adjusting...you know how it is getting behind on sleep.

The original plan was:
8:00 - 9:00 wake up, shower, dry hair, get prettied up, eat breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 write a cover letter for the place I was applying at and having a mini interview with later
10:00 - 11:00 hem new slacks, iron clothes, double-check resume, write down professional references/work addresses and phone numbers etc. for the application, look up directions, call Snippits photography about postponing the dance photo shoot Wednesday because of the forecasted rain, pack food, dance clothes, and work clothes because I wouldn't be back home till about 10:30 pm
11:00 - 12:00 go to Office Max, print off resume and cover letter, drive to the dental office in AF, be early, apply for the job, ace the interview, get the job, quit Costco, and be a happy girl!

And all before 1 pm!!


Who exactly did I think I was kidding?

Here's what really happened:

Over an hour later than I originally planned, I finally managed to drag my seemingly lead-filled body out of bed, and down the hall to the bathroom to take a nice quick hot shower. My eyes did NOT want to have anything to do with my contacts being in them, but they finally accepted the reality of the situation. I did manage to have a pretty good hair day though, which was unexpected, but very much appreciated. By the time I was cutefied and fed I think it was about 10:15.

Editing my previously written cover letter to make it applicable to the job I was applying for was actually a lot bigger of a task than I predicted. It turns out basically everything needed to be changed, so good bye to my A+ earning cover letter from my technical communications class, and hello starting from scratch over an hour behind schedule! Then I realized I didn't know how to start the letter greeting. Google had suggestions of course, but I wasn't satisfied so I just called the dental office and asked them personally who to address it to. The lady on the phone told me to not even worry about it at all and only bring in a resume. I guess the job posting was only kidding when it specifically said to write a cover letter (with asterisks around the reminder for emphasis), and had a mini paragraph listing like 8 things that explicitly needed to be included in it? Oh well, less work for me!

Next on the list was calling Office Max to see how long it would take to have my resume printed. We don't have any resume paper at home. The lady on the phone told me they weren't busy and if I emailed the file it would be printed in a half hour. Slight problem, the resume I had edited with my new name and contact info wouldn't attach to the email I tried to send to them. It kept saying it was 0 bytes and it couldn't do it. ?  so I played around and finally figured out a way to trick it into attaching, and sent the email/order/printjob.

It was 11:00 on the dot by this point, and I still hadn't even started my 10:00-11:00 planned stuff yet! Blast. Next on the list, hem those pants. Thanks to my short legs, my cute new slacks for the interview were about 4 or 5 inches too long. It turns out pants are hard to hem without a needle or thread. Who would have guessed? But Trevor saved the day by finding safety pins! So I pinned those pants. While wearing them I might add :) Yep, I'm talented. Then I discovered that our ironing board is missing. Where on earth do you lose an ironing board in our little house space? But my shirt was in need of it, so, after a fruitless search, I stuffed a pillow inside of my shirt as a make-shift board, and ironed it. That's right, talented AND resourceful haha Before I put it on though, I decided the garbage HAD to be thrown out. I cooked up some hamburger and meatloaf recently, and the package and thrown-away pieces of meatloaf in the trash were starting to smell like rotting flesh. That's not really my favorite.

After all that plus getting directions, packing stuff, getting info for the application etc. I headed off to Office Max for my resume. It was a little after noon by this point. Good thing that application/mini interview thing was only loosely scheduled for "sometime around noon or so".  My resume that was supposed to be done 30 minutes after I sent it still wasn't printed when I got there an hour later. The guy said it would just be another minute though, and starting looking at my emailed order. It wasn't until well after 12:30 that he FINALLY rang me up. Seriously?! How long does it take to print off a sheet of paper?! He was nice though and apologized a couple times and even gave the the messed up copies for free. Which didn't give me back the half hour of my life that I wasted waiting for my resume, or make me closer to my loose target time for the application/interview meeting (good thing it wasn't a real scheduled one!!!), but hey at least it was something. 

Then I was off to go find that dental office to apply! For anyone who hasn't been on I-15 recently, they did this new thing (to help with traffic to Salt Lake I'm guessing?) where suddenly it splits into two separated highways running side by side in the same direction. One has exits, the other one doesn't. Guess which one I found myself in. I watched the exits go one-by-one knowing that mine was coming up soon and freaking out because I couldn't get to it! How do you even turn around on a highway with no exits?! And I had no idea how long they were separated before coming back together, or if I would have to go all the way to Salt Lake before turning around. As luck would have it, the two highways converged back into one right as my exit came up!! Thank goodness! So the next time you take I-15, if your exit is before 275, take the highway on the right with the exits or you will miss it! If not, it doesn't matter.

When I finally got there it was 1:00. A couple days ago when I found the job posting for a dental assistant, I was confused by the line "no experience necessary" in the description. I thought that was a position that required schooling, certification, experience, etc. So I called to double check. The guy on the phone said none of that was necessary, and he was actually a BYU student with my same major and got his job with the same lack of qualifications as I had. And that really the office was looking for a trainable person with a personality that worked well with the dentist, instead of a highly trained and qualified person who would be harder to mold to what they wanted. Or something like that. He suggested coming in person to fill out the application so they could see me, and asked about what time I would like to come in to make sure the dentist would be there so she could meet me and chat and I could kind of 'audition' to be her assistant. That sounded good to me and "sometime around noon or so" for Monday was agreed on. So I was expecting to go in, fill out an application, chat a bit, talk to the dentist for a little, leave my resume, and be on my way.

What really happened was I got there, and the front desk lady directed me into a room with another lady. She had a stack of resumes on her desk. I said hi, introduced myself, and she took my resume. Then she asked if I had experience as a dental assistant. I said no, she told me she was pretty sure they were only interested in people who had experience, put my resume into a different stack, said they would probably still look at it, I didn't even need to fill out an application, shook my hand, and said goodbye. I was so surprised and a bit confused that I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I said something impressive like "oh...I thought...ok. Bye" and left.

Looking back I probably really should have told her a tiny bit more about myself when I walked in and gave her my resume to sound more qualified, explained briefly what I was told on the phone, said something about how I'd love to work for them...basically anything other than my "...ok bye" to leave at least somewhat of a good impression. Oh well.

At least now I have a cute new outfit for future interviews, my pants are already "hemmed" and ready to go, I bought a cute purse that I love (except that it doesn't have any pockets inside which is really kind of a nuisance), I know more about the splitting highway, my resume is touched up for next time, I know to have my resume ready the day before and not to trust Office Max to help me be to my interview on time, I learned that you can iron a shirt by stuffing a pillow inside of it, and I have some ideas of things to improve for first impressions for the next place I apply for!

Note: I fell asleep writing this, so pretend it got posted earlier :)
Oh and the actual event that made me decide to write this post was on the way to work afterwards. I stopped at Wendy's to get food and change into my work clothes, and the first stall was occupied, and the second stall looked like someone had wadded 3 rolls of toilet paper down the toilet. I took the last stall, and as soon as I touched the toilet paper dispenser it promptly fell off the wall. Yes indeed, a case of the Mondays.

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