"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes the World DOES Revolve Around Facebook

Exactly 365 days ago (Sunday September 12, 2010) I got on facebook hoping to entertain myself. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 months the previous week, and was still getting used to being single again. I chatted online with a couple friends, a prospective dance partner, my ex, and this guy Trevor who I didn't even really know. He just popped up and started talking away.

We had met once in the hallway of the Richard's building outside room 270 several months earlier (late March maybe?). He had Gold II Latin the hour before I had Gold II Standard, and he happened to see me in the hall one day and came over to introduce himself. We exchanged names and that's basically the extent of our conversation. He added me on facebook after that first encounter when we both currently had significant others, and I didn't see, hear, or think of him until a year ago today when he started talking to me randomly. (Later he told me I was on a list of a bunch of  'potentials', and when he was bored and saw I was single on facebook, he decided I was worth a shot :)

From our facebook chat I learned that Trevor worked for the church doing computer things, and that he had to work till 4 am once or twice every week, and that night was one of those nights. I remember talking about stake conference for a bit ( Julie B. Beck, Boyd K. Packer, and bunch of other cool people spoke), and a little bit about my recent breakup, some of Trevor's experiences growing up in Provo, and probably some dance stuff and just random conversation. We chatted until ridiculously late/early about how working till 4 made classes miserable, and he asked for my number so he could text me to keep himself awake in class the next day. Sneaky deaky :) I was chatting with my ex at the same time too, and the two of them know each other. Not very well, but they performed on the same ballroom team, so they at least know each other by sight. As soon as I told my ex I was talking to Trevor, he got upset and said Trevor was going to ask me for my number and ask me out. I told him nope and honestly that I wasn't even interested in him anyway, but then sure enough, Trevor got my number. And five days later he asked me on our first date...and the rest is history!

And now here we are, exactly a year later, and I'm on facebook chat at 2:30 am again, talking to Trevor while he works. Except this time, at 4:00 he's coming home to me :)

Thank goodness for facebook!

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