"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our First Date :)

For those of you wondering how I went from a newly single girl chatting on fb with a random guy who happened to start talking to me who I wasn't even interested in, to being married to him and just ridiculously in love in less than a year...here's a continuation of the story.

The day after that first facebook chat and phone number exchange, Trevor - true to his word - texted me something about being tired and taking a nap or something. I responded courteously, he responded, and I didn't perpetuate the conversation. Then four days later - one year ago from today - was our first date. Ok, so actually it was a couple hours less than that. Friday, September 17th, 2010.

I was closing at work that night, and had to stay late. When I finally got off around 9:30, I was greeted by a text from Trevor asking if I had plans for that night. I assumed it was too late by that point and texted him back telling him about my work situation. He called me almost immediately (or maybe he texted again first and then called? irrelevant) and asked if I wanted to go to Comedy Sports at 10:15. I was tired from a long, hard, stressful day of work and didn't feel like putting forth the effort of a first date with an almost stranger, plus I was sweaty and stinky and gross and had maple icing spilled on my jeans and shirt, and my pants were all wet from standing in water while the cleaner started mopping the floors around me, and my hair had been in a bun and a hat all day and I had a line across my forehead from the hairnet...not to mention I hardly even knew this guy and I didn't really care about going on a date with him or not, it's not like I was desperate for male attention or dates (I already had another date planned for the next night), I was still adjusting to being single, and quite frankly, I really wanted to just say no and go home and relax. But for whatever reason, the word that actually ended up coming out of my mouth was "yes".  So I told him my address and scurried back to my apartment.

I pulled into the parking lot at my apartment the same time as a little white car. I grabbed the easiest parking spot and then realized I had probably stolen it from the car...which happened to be Trevor, but he found another spot a couple cars over. So he got to see me pre-primping, and walked me to my apartment to change speedy-quick and try to make it to the show in time.

He was SOOO nervous when we were talking in the car on the way and it was just so adorable!! That's what stands out in my mind about him the most about our first date :) So guys, when you're nervous and your voice is shaking, and you feel like you're making awkward conversation or just whatever, don't be too embarrassed. Just remember she might actually find it endearing. Sometimes anyway. This was definitely one of those cases. We talked about how he served in the same mission as my uncle, and how he accidentally talks in a weird accent when he's nervous, and that me and my roommates talked in weird accents late at night, and the red and blue fly swatters that you use to vote at Comedy Sportz that he had in his car.

Then we got there and realized he still needed to buy me a ticket, but there was a huge line of people hoping to maybe squeeze in, and we were right at the end. Luckily, a couple of guys up at the front were really nice and let us go ahead of them. Just like that. I have no clue who there were, but I owe them big time! It was Trevor's sister Celeste's birthday, and her and her husband had saved us seats with them once we made it inside. Trevor was a regular at Comedy Sports and had a couple friends that were performing that night. They were super funny!

From what I remember, I thought the show was just hysterical. Unfortunately, my ex called and texted me repeatedly throughout the entire first half and it was more than a little disconcerting/distracting, but Trevor was a really good sport about it and kept telling me if I needed to take the call or text back that was totally fine. I didn't of course. You don't call or text anyone when you're on a date. Especially not another boy, and most definitely not your ex. That's beyond rude. I did send him a text during a bathroom break telling him that I wouldn't answer for another hour or because I was on a date...that was a bad idea. I just wanted him to understand why I couldn't respond so he wouldn't think I was ignoring him or being mean. He didn't take that news well, and continued to attempt to contact me, and once my date was over I ended up spending an hour and a half on the phone with him reminding him that I was single and explaining why it was ok for me to go on a date.

So amid all the post-work exhaustion, and onslaught of communication attempts, plus the not-especially-interactive atmosphere of Comedy Sports, I didn't spend a ton of time getting to know Trevor on that date. He happened to know one of my roommates a bit from ballroom, so he walked me up to my apartment and stayed a bit to say hi to her and talk to all of us for a few minutes. Then he left, and I did my usual sub-conscious date assessment. All in all it wasn't too memorable. It wasn't the kind where once you get dropped off you shut the door and let out a big sigh of relief that it's FINALLY over, or one of the kinds that you post happy facebook statuses about and just can't wait to tell your roommates every detail of over and over and over with a smile that's just exploding off your face! It was just another date. My overall assessment: meh...nothing special...if he asks me out again, I might say yes, but not for sure.

To be continued...