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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nursery Survivor!!

Me and Trevor got new callings in our ward! Nursery helpers! Yep. That's right. So the next time you're having trouble staying awake and focused during your 3 hours of church, just remember that for two hours of it me and my husband are playing with toys, blowing bubbles, and eating fruit snacks and pretzels :)

Today was our first time, and it actually wasn't too crazy! I'm sure I'll have much more interesting adventures in the weeks to come, but I figured since we survived our first week (and on a fast Sunday too!) it merited a post!

First off, here are some random memories of the kids:
- one of the kids has a glass eye which he sometimes take out and chews on......fortunately I didn't encounter that today!
- one little kid gets really excited about things (bubbles, toys, life, etc.) and he randomly jumps/bounces/flails and screams shrilly. It's sooo funny!...for the first few minutes
- one of the girls with super cute hair had a soaking wet diaper which she would intently rip pieces off of and eat. bleugchaghhag!
- one kid hates shoes. Apparently today was the first day he's left them on!
- one kid had this awesome longish curly almost hobbit hair with some sort of styling product in it
- one kid shoved another kid over, which knocked down another one or two innocent bystanders
- one kid loved the doll strollers. He had no interest in pushing them around or putting toys in them though; all he wanted to do was sit in it. So he just sat in there happily doing nothing for awhile.
- one girl (poor thing!) had the cutest little hat, but all the other kids kept snatching it right off her head the entire two hours! She was easily the quietest kid in the nursery, and she just didn't make a peep even when her returned hat would be re-stolen by a different kid just moments later. Poor little tolerant bullied child!

Anyways,  my nursery adventure started out sending cars back and forth across the table with three of the little boys. Two of the cars were the kind where you push the head of driven down and it zooms off all by itself, and one of them was Cookie Monster in a helicopter, which makes no sense to me. That kept them entertained for a lot longer than I thought it would! I'd push the head down and say "ready..." and one of the little boys would yell "set go!", and we zoomed those cars! Within just a few minutes, one of the other kids made a b-line to my purse and stole my water bottle. I was going to try to get it back, but he stuck it in his mouth, so I just let him keep it. He went and threw it in the toy shopping cart, and a couple minutes later I saw another kid wandering around with it in her mouth. It's trash now. After we did that for a good long while the kids ran off to do other stuff, and I got to play with two little girls. They were so quiet compared to the boys!

After some more playing, it was lesson time. Everyone sat on the floor and the lesson the other leaders gave went about like this: "This is a picture of Jesus. At church we learn about Jesus. Who's ready for a snack?!!". I'm going to guess that preparing these lessons will be significantly easier for me than when I taught Relief Society. Just a hunch.

Then they all got little chairs and squirts of hand sanitizer (one kid promptly started smearing it all over his face and on his eyes), and these cheese puff things (the same kid shoved them all in his mouth at the same time and started choking and stole the water of the kid next to him). Meanwhile this darling cute little red-headed kid was crying for his mom, so Trever scooped him up and he just hung onto Trevor and stopped crying. It was sooo cute :) Trevor gave him to me a couple minutes later and I got to hold him for a bit, and help him do some of the action songs. He missed snack time so I fed him another girl's snacks that she wasn't at all interested in, but as soon as I started doing that she decided she wanted some, and then another kid wanted to be fed too. I felt like I was feeding ducks or something putting those cheese puffs in the kids's mouths.

Next was bubbles! Those kids LOVE bubbles! Me and Trevor had to stand up while blowing bubbles so we wouldn't get attacked. They jumped around in the bubbles screaming these ear-splittingly high pitches! This one kid flopped on the ground and a little girl came over and started stomping on his face. He didn't even cry. What a trooper.

Then we had more playtime. I showed a couple of kids how to use the car elevator that sends the car down the ramp on the Fisher Price parking garage toy, and one of them probably spent half the time playing with it! We played some before snack time too, plus all of the second play time. He insisted that I be with him, and even gave me an assigned seat next to him so I could play too. Awhile later he decided to move to the tiny plastic kids' table and showed me right where I was supposed to sit. I was too big though, so I went and got a chair so I could still sit with him. That was not ok with him. I had to sit in the spot he chose for me. Conveniently, another kid decided he wanted to play cars too and that distracted the first kid enough that he forgot about telling me where to sit. Then, just as the sharing problem was getting bad, a toy phone in my hands magically started ringing and it was the second kid's "mom"! I can't believe how well that worked actually...he wandered off happily talking to no one on the play phone for a good little while and totally ignored the toy he had wanted so desperately just seconds earlier.

Then finally church was over and the parents came one-by-one to pick up their kids, and me and Trevor went home feeling victorious and promptly fell right to sleep for a good three hours or so!

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