"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Happy Random Pot-luck Kind of Day Off

It seems like it's been kind of awhile since I've written a more journal entry style post; I'm about to put an end to that. Heads up, there is no real point to this post.

Lately I haven't had as many hours at work, and Trevor has been working almost as much as me, plus going to school full-time, and being busy with homework. So basically I've been kind of bored and largely unproductive for the past long while. Today was actually somewhat interesting for once though (well, mostly just random) so here we go.

My day started off at about 8:30 when I didn't get up. I hit snooze as per usual, but today that meant not seeing Trevor before he left for school. Sad! Eventually I got up, got myself looking socially acceptable, and headed off to my 10:00 doctor's appointment where I learned that I gained 6 pounds in the past 2 months, my blood pressure was 90/46 but the doctor wasn't even phased by it, and if my nausea doesn't improve in the next month or so they are going to stick a camera down my throat (ew?!) and check out  my stomach. I also learned that you can feel how much solid waste is in your intestines by pressing around in your stomach area...both cool and really weird.

On the way home I stopped at a thrift store because I need good cute comfy skirts to chase kids and sit on the floor in since I'm a nursery worker now, and I can usually find a couple cute skirts for cheap there. Bad choice. I walked out with a new skirt and shirt, two pairs of shoes (sparkly pink flats for $5? How could I say no?!), Cranium, Munchkin, and two books. But at least it was only $32 for all that :)

Once I made it home I fell asleep for an hour or so before I was awakened by a rather desperate text from a coworker who wants me to give him Trevor's sisters' kitten to hunt the mice that have taken over his house. He even found one in his bed. So gross!!

Then I ate the rest of the All-American chocolate cake from Costco that was left over from our wedding reception in Maryland, had some lunch too, got prettied up, and headed out the door to get a Utah driver's license. This is my sixth attempt at getting this done since the wedding by the way. First we went to the wrong location, then we went to the right one but we didn't have two pieces of mail with our new address on them yet, then we went but the line was forever long so we decided to leave, then we came and waited in line and finally made it to the counter only to find that we still needed to get my birth certificate, when I got it I tried to go but couldn't find the folder with the rest of the information, but this time I had everything! Unfortunately, when I got there I was informed that they were no longer doing testing for the evening. So I came home empty-handed AGAIN! But I'm getting up early and going first thing before work tomorrow morning!

Trevor came home from class about 45 minutes after that, so I made chicken alfredo with basil and bacon bits, and a strawberry-spinach-poppyseed salad and cleaned up the kitchen for when he got home. After dinner, my grandpa informed us that a neighbor who I've never met, don't know the name of, and wouldn't even recognize on sight, had just come over to let us know how upset she is that we haven't come knocking on her door offering to mow her lawn...which I still find a little weird and random, but oh well. We went over to talk to her about it, but someone else was already mowing her lawn, so I guess all is well?

Then it was time for ballet! Yay!!! Before class the teacher told me she had just spoken to the director of the studio about me, and she wants to recruit me to be in a performance they're doing in November!!! Double Yay!!! It's called Pioneer Legacy, and it's a true story taken from pioneer diaries and choreographed to an original score composed by the director's husband. It sounds super cool and super fun! I really really hope Costco will be able to work with me on scheduling so I can do it! Class was really good, and I'm starting to make more notable progress at getting back the strength I used to have. I still have a long long way to go though! I did manage to pull out a few lovely triple pirouettes though :)

I decided to buy one pear on the way home. Why I ever think I can really walk out of a store with only one thing is beyond me. I bought oranges, kiwis, lemons, limes, pears, bananas, two bags of frozen berries, and four cinnamon rolls. All those healthy options, but of course I came home and ate a cinnamon roll. I'm hopeless!

And then I wrote a blog post and fell asleep. The end. 

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  1. fyi, when we went to get my drivers license the next morning we found out the lady we had talked to before actually hadn't made an account and saved our information like she said she had, so we had to go bring all our information and come back. But we didn't have time before work, so I'm headed back today for attempt 8. Obviously this wasn't meant to be!